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Last Summer

Project information

Talent Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Role of participant Director/Screenwriter
Director Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Producer Elda Ferri - Luigi Musini - Milena Canonero
Screenwriter Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli - IgorT
Status finished

Production details

Running time 94 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2014
Country of Production Italy
Production Company
Elda Ferri - Jean Vigo Italia / Luigi Musini - Cinemaundici
Website http://www.lastsummerthemovie.com

still / picture for Last Summer
still / picture for Last Summer
still / picture for Last Summer


Italy. On her father-in-lawʼs yacht, Naomi (thirty) has been given just four days with her estranged son Ken (six) before she loses custody of him forever. Battling the distrust of the crew she eventually bonds with Ken through their shared Japanese heritage and he becomes more self-reliant due to her influence. The captain sees this and, on the last day, grants them time alone together to say goodbye.

Participation in international festivals / awards

"Best film" Bimbi Belli 2015
"Grand prix" Annecy Film Festival of Italian Cinema 2015
"Best First or Second film" special mention, "Best Sound" A.I.T.S. Prize and "Film Revelation" AKAI Prize Cinema Rome Film Fest 2014.


NaomiRinko Kikuchi
AlexYorick van Wageningen
RebeccaLucy Griffiths


EditorMonika Willi
Costume/Production DesignerMilena Canonero


Name Nicole Mackey
Company Fortissimo Films
E-mail www.fortissimo.nl