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Urban And The Shed Crew

Project information

Talent Candida Brady
Role of participant 3
Director Candida Brady
Producer Candida Brady and Titus Ogilvy
Screenwriter Candida Brady & Bernard Hare and Tiffany Sharp
Status post-production

Production details

Running time 110 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2015
Country of Production United Kingdom
Production Company
Circadian Pictures/Blenheim Films
Website http://www.urbanandtheshedcrew.com


It only takes one person to care.

still / picture for Urban And The Shed Crew


Based on the true story of Britain’s most run away care home kid. 11 year old Urban has run away from care since he was 5 (6 care & 8 foster homes in 6 years). When he can’t find his mum he sleeps rough on the streets or in a shed with other runaways, The Shed Crew.

He’s never known a dad, just his mentally ill mum Greta, an addict. So when she meets Chop, the first decent bloke they’ve ever known, Urban feels hope for the first time.

For Chop, once an idealistic ex-social worker, it’s a chance for redemption. He takes the broken family in, helps Greta and teaches Urban and his brother Frank lessons in life. But the family’s new found happiness is all too fleeting as Greta’s propensity to self-destruct proves too strong, leaving Urban to cope with the fallout the only way he knows how…

Participation in international festivals / awards

Not finished yet.


ChopRichard Armitage
GretaAnna Friel
DocNeil Morrissey
UrbanFraser Kelly


DOPPeter Field