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Project information

Talent Jakob Beurle
Role of participant Cinematographer
Director Philipp Käßbohrer
Producer Matthias Murmann
Screenwriter Philipp Käßbohrer
Status finished

Production details

Running time 23 min
Year of production 2011
Country of Production Germany
Production Company
Btf GmbH, Academy of Media arts cologne
Website http://www.armadingen.de

still / picture for Armadingen
still / picture for Armadingen
still / picture for Armadingen


Walter lives with his wife Helga on an isolated farm in northern Germany. In truth theyʼve been leading
parallel lives for many years now. After a routine breakfast, Walter is making the last hay of the summer
when he hears news of a gigantic asteroid hurtling towards earth on the tractor radio. Unfortunately, all
attempts to avert the total destruction of mankind, which is due to begin within 16 hours, are in vain.
Uncertain of how to tell his wife the news, he decides to conceal the end of the world from her. Trapped in
his own lie, Walter begins to contemplate the love for his wife, which he had almost completely forgotten and
becomes determined to make this the best possible last day on earth for her...

Participation in international festivals / awards

* Lobende Erwähnung 32. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis
* Publikumspreis bei den Augsburger Filmtagen
* Publikumspreis bei den Wendland shorts
* Jurypreis bei den Wendland shorts
* Publikumspreis beim Open eyes Filmfestival Marburg
* Publikums Hauptpreis bei den Shorts at Moonlight
* Publikumspreis beim Unlimited Festival Köln
* 2. Jury Preis beim Unlimited Festival Köln
* Jurypreis beim Sup' de Courts - Short Film Festival
* "The Ellen" Preis in Aspen Colorado
* "CortoEuropa" Award auf dem Linea d'Ombra-Festival Culture Giovani
* 2. Audience Award bei den CFC Woldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto
* Preis für den besten Hauotdarsteller beim Cryptshow Festival
* Publikumspreis beim Cryptshow Festival
* Jurypreis beim 6. Vukovar Filmfestival
* Grand Prix Hauptpreis beim Saporro Festival in Japan
* Publikumspreis beim Caligary Filmfestival Canada
* Jurypreis beim shortfilmfestival in Riga
* Filmcaravan Festival silver Award
* Filmcaravan Festival audience Award
* Hauptpreis bei den Bamberger Kurfilmtagen
* Publikumspreis bei den Bamberger Kurzfilmtagen
* 3. Publikumspreis des Internationalen Kurzfilmfestivals Landau