Sons Of Sunday

Talent Project Market 2015

Project information

Talent Rami Kodeih
Role of participant Director
Director Rami Kodeih
Producer Rita Dagher / Senorita Films
Screenwriter Nora Salim & Rami Kodeih

Production details

Running time 110 min
Genre Drama
Budget in Euro 1,810,606 USD
Country of Production

still / picture for Sons Of Sunday


Beirut, 2015. A city of hope and lies, of drugs and prostitution, decadence and poverty, murder and corruption. Our characters—twentysomething men and women—have urgent, personal desires. Hamza, a rookie mobster raised by a single mother in one Beirut’s roughest neighborhoods, dreams of leaving his criminal life behind for an honest life with his girlfriend. He goes on one last crime spree to escape his hard-knock life in the outskirts. Kassem, a quirky, wallflower type from Hamza’s neighborhood, wants to find passion and purpose, to escape the fate of living and dying on the same neighborhood block like those around him. Danny wants to fight the devastating effects of Beirut's construction frenzy and gentrification - but is limited by his dad's own hand in that world. The lives of these three young men, each from a different social class, intersect in Beirut's crime-riddled underworld. Along the way, they learn to find themselves and carve out their futures, for better or worse, in a city defined by decades of war—and by a new era of terrorism.