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Hoy Como Ayer

Project information

Talent Valeria Racioppi
Role of participant 4
Director Bernie IJdis
Status finished

Production details

Running time 70 min
Genre Documentary (Creative)
Year of production 2011
Countries of Production Argentina , Netherlands

still / picture for Hoy Como Ayer


In this thorough observation work, Dutch director Bernie IJdis –with the sharp eye of cameraman Fernando Lockett beside him– closely follows Juan Carlos Godoy, a legendary voice of the most authentic Buenos Aires tango. Delimited to a whole day in the life of Godoy, the film skillfully captures the vitality (and frailty, since he’s 87 years-old) of a singer whose voice and elegant performing still brings fans back to the bar El Banderín in the Abasto neighborhood, but also attracts many others to different places all through Buenos Aires. A careful and moving portrait of the great Juan Carlos Godoy, Hoy como ayer is also a look that sheds light on some old customs back from a different Buenos Aires. A city from the past that seems to remain still, camouflaged in certain corners of today through certain fading habits that, far from defeated, re-emerge updated, the same but different.