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Años De Calle

Project information

Talent Valeria Racioppi
Role of participant 4
Director Alejandra Grinschpun
Status finished

Production details

Running time 74 min
Genre Documentary (Creative)
Year of production 2012
Country of Production Argentina
Production Company
Atomo Media
Website http://www.atomomedia.com.ar/

still / picture for Años De Calle


Shot between 1999 and 2011, this film features the life of its protagonists in three different stages: childhood, adolescence and adulthood. As kids, they used to live in the streets at Buenos Aires city. Each of them reflects what is to grow up in social exclusion. Throughout 12 years of filming, and leaning on the bond between the filmmakers and the subjects, this film is a path for reflection about the life we have, about what each one has to live and the way we establish bonds with this reality, as well as the contradictions we feel about it.