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A Yellow Bird

Talent Project Market 2014

Project information

Talent Fran Borgia
Role of participant Producer
Director K Rajagopal
Producer Fran Borgia
Screenwriter Jeremy Chua, K Rajagopal
Status finished

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Drama
Budget in Euro EUR 260,000
Year of production 2016
Country of Production Singapore

still / picture for A Yellow Bird


It is an unwelcome homecoming for Siva, an ex-convict haunted by a tragedy of the past that left a scar on his identity, as he is released after eight years behind bars. The city has become unfamiliar while his family and friends detach themselves from him. Dejected by his mother’s silence, he leaves home for a fresh start. He begins a search for his wife and daughter who do not want to be found. Finding shelter in void decks and back alleys, he is discovered by a social worker who offers him help to re-connect with the people in his life. However, he has turned skeptical towards society and resists her efforts, taking advantage of her instead to locate his wife. One night, he saves a Chinese beer girl from an assault and critically injures her attacker. She looks up to him as a hero and kindred spirit in a brutal world, giving him the first chance to a renewed identity. His reprive is short-lived as the girl commits a crime that offers Siva a double-edged sword that would realize his deepest desire which is also his greatest fear. In this journey, Siva comes to terms with how the past has affected his family and how time can heal but also decompose.