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Muñecos Del Destino

Destiny Puppets

Project information

Talent Cecilia Salim
Role of participant Producer
Director Patricio Garcia
Producer Anarcovision
Screenwriter Patricio Garcia
Status finished

Production details

Running time 26 min
Genre Tragicomedy
Year of production 2018
Country of Production Argentina
Production Companies
Murillo Cine
Website https://www.facebook.com/munecosdeldestino/?fref=ts

still / picture for Muñecos Del Destino
still / picture for Muñecos Del Destino
still / picture for Muñecos Del Destino


It is a miniseries that won a federal contest organized by the INCAA and the Argentina’s digital public Television (TDA).
The story, played by cloth puppets, dwells in quotations and references on classical and modern melodrama and soap opera. The show is set on Maipu Street in San Miguel de Tucumán, core of the Syrian-Lebanese community in northwestern Argentina. Naim Masmud is a young man who dreams of paragliding all day long, but has to run the family fabric business after his father, Said Masmud, is killed by Lydia, his former employee. Naim is engaged to Layla Ale Ali, a girl who faked an accident in order to keep her fiancé by her side and that is secretly dating her gardener Victor. Naim's life changes when he meets Jessica, a rebellious girl who starts working at the store for whom Naim soon falls in love. The plot of the story follows the hardships that Naim most overcome: he has to decide whether to devote himself to the family business or follow his true love and desires.

Participation in international festivals / awards

- Awards: Selection Series Mania Festival Showcase - Forum Des Images 2012, France.