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Hasta El Sol Tiene Manchas

Project information

Talent Marcelo Quesada
Role of participant Associate producer
Director Julio Hernández Cordón
Status finished

Production details

Running time 62 min
Genre Experimental
Year of production 2012
Country of Production Guatemala
Production Company
Melindrosa Films

still / picture for Hasta El Sol Tiene Manchas
still / picture for Hasta El Sol Tiene Manchas
still / picture for Hasta El Sol Tiene Manchas


Shot in a studio with 2D sets, the colour yellow reigning supreme, the use of masks, the schematisation of characters and situations and a direct political message (a sequence of archive footage opens the film.).
Among the little tribe that gaily play out this fable, two characters stand out. Pepe Moco, a mentally handicapped boy, who makes an advert for one of the presidential candidates who promises to organise the first World Cup in Guatemala. Beto is a kid who scales a town drawn in chalk, venting his spleen on its walls, threatening passersby with balls. The two of them soon become very close evoking the past and present of a country that does harm. However, once again, this minimal script serves as an alibi an excuse for making a work that mixes, as did Brecht, different registers, all blissfully ‘distanced’: a poem with melancholic accents, declarations on the cinema, the possibility of making a film amongst friends