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Luis Y Luisa

Project information

Talent Alejandro Cano
Role of participant Director
Director Alejandro Cano
Producer Zara García-Delgado Gutiérrez, Alejandro Cano
Screenwriter Alejandro Cano
Status finished

Production details

Running time 12 min
Genre Comedy
Year of production 2012
Country of Production Spain
Production Company
Website http://www.sala46.com

still / picture for Luis Y Luisa
still / picture for Luis Y Luisa


Luis is the XXI Century Don Juan. A man with a prodigious speech able to charm women in minutes.
Luisa is an outgoing and friendly girl who likes to listen and act more than talk.
The night we both know the inevitable happens. Luis seduces Luisa and end up in her house for an evening of sex and unbridled passion ...

Participation in international festivals / awards

-Korterraza (Spain)
-17 Cabra Film Festival (Spain)
-FICT Toluca International Film Festival (Mexico)
-IX Tarazona y El Moncayo Comedy Film Festival (Spain)
-Imaginaria Film Festival (Italy). SPECIAL MENTION
-Quebec City Film Festival (Canada)
-V Certamen de Cortometrajes de la Comarca de la Axarquía (Spain)
-Fiaticorti XIII, Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio (Italy)
-Colchester Film Festival (UK)
-III Certamen de Cortos Autoproducidos Angelika (Spain)
-XV Certamen Nacional de Cortometrajes Aula 18 (Spain)
-IX Film Lab Festival, FLABF (Italy)
-20º Festival Mix Brasil da Cultura da Diversidade (Brasil)
-17 Festival de Cine de Zaragoza (Spain)
-Enkarcine (Spain)
-Humor en Corto (Spain)
-Film Front (Serbia)
-Independent Days (Germany)
-Mitrovic Family Festival, ProFire Short Film Competition (Scotland). AWARD COMEDY MEETS REALITY
-Piélagos en corto (Spain). NOMINATION BEST ACTRESS
-Video Festival Imperia (Italy)
-International Short Film Festival Detmold (Germany)
-Miradas Blecker, Certamen de Cortometrajes de Luxemburgo (Luxemburgo). FINALIST
-Open Eyes Maburg (Germany)
-SHQIP International Short Film Festival (Kosovo)
-Cerano Film Festival (Italy)


LuisDarío Paso-Jardiel
LuisaTeresa Quintero


Name Zara García-Delgado Gutiérrez
Company Sala46
E-mail zaragdg@sala46.com