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An Episode In The Life Of An Iron Picker

Project information

Talent Adis Djapo
Role of participant Line Producer
Director Danis Tanovic
Producer Amra Baksic Camo, Cedomir Kolar
Screenwriter Danis Tanovic
Status finished

Production details

Running time 75 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2013
Countries of Production Bosnia And Herzegovina , France , Slovenia


Senada is 31 and she lives in Poljice neighborhood in Lukavac municipality with her partner and two daughters. She is pregnant with her third child for approximately five months. Since she didn't have health insurance, she does not go to the doctor's. When she started bleeding, she goes to the hospital. The doctor told Senada that she needs an emergency surgery and she needs to pay 500 EUR. Without a health insurance card and without money, Senada returns home..