Behind The Big Top

Project information

Talent Jonas Trukanas
Role of participant Directing
Director Jonas Trukanas
Producer Thomas Northrop
Screenwriter Lewis Britnell
Status finished

Production details

Running time 16 min
Genre Horror / Supernatural
Year of production 2012
Country of Production United Kingdom

still / picture for Behind The Big Top


Our story is about change. About Oskar the clown. He performs in a rundown Circus, in a world where places of safety and kindness are few and far between for people like him. His world revolves around and is controlled by the ringmaster, Vladimir, who keeps Oskar on a tight leash. From sudden acts of kindness, to outbursts of anger to remind him of his place, Oskar's world is bleak. Up until the arrival of the Circus' newest member, she is known only as Mime. Providing a new source of human interaction, this mute stranger threatens to change Oskar's world forever. She will show him what it means to be treated like a human, not just a clown and in addition feed Oskar's growing needs and ambitions, which far outstretch the confines of the Big Top. Our story is about change, changes in Oskar, changes that, if Vladimir can help it, will never happen.

Participation in international festivals / awards

EBienale 2013, Romania