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Kill Your Darlings

Susan Korda

“It (Editing) is not what we see. It's what we feel and experience. ”

“When you're open up the narrative space which is – 'We know something that they don't know' – it's you're inviting the audience in. ”

“Good editing is like good sex”, in the lucid words of editor and director Susan Korda. “You create an expectation in your audience – and then you fulfil it”. Tracing scenes from Bonnie and Clyde and Jaws back to the initial “Oh, shit!” experience in the editing room, Susan reveals how bold editing creates a gratifying cinematic experience. Sharing tools learnt from Walter Murch and Michael Rabiger, she demystifies the processes of montage and demonstrates how to “kill your darlings”, the ability to surrender preconceived preferences. And editing is also a collective process, so let's go in together for the kill.
Susan Korda

Susan Korda edited the Academy Award-nominated “For all Mankind” and the Teddy Award-winning “Trembling before G-d". In 2021, she received an Ariel Award for the award-sweeping feature "Sin señas particulares". Susan was story consultant on “First Cousin Once Removed”, which won at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in 2012 and was shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2014. Her directing credits include “Vienna is Different", “One of Us” and the short “Salomea’s Nose".