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Basic Trust: Growing Relationships with Actors

Basic Trust: Growing Relationships with Actors

Feb 9th 2015
Natascha Noack, Ursula Meier
Children don’t play by the logics and rules of the adult world, and provoking performances from young protagonists in film requires directorial skill. Through her highly acclaimed films, director Ursula Meier is known for her ability to create story worlds truly eye-to-eye with protagonists of all ages. Presenting clips from KACEY MOTTET KLEIN, BIRTH OF AN ACTOR, which screens in the Berlinale Generation short film competition, as well as excerpts from HOME and SISTER, Meier grants insight into her intimate work on set and the strong relation she has built up with young actor Kacey Mottet Klein and other professional and non-professional actors.

Natascha Noack

Natascha Noack researches the interfaces between movement, language, film and music. She studied film, dance and bodywork in Berlin, Bielefeld and Paris before deepening her knowledge of traditional art forms in Guinea, Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso. In addition to her work as a performer, choreographer and lecturer in dance and rhythm, she translates film and performance theory, conceives site-specific and thematic movement interventions and works as a voice-over artist. She is a film curator and member of the selection committee of Generation, a section of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Ursula Meier

French-Swiss writer and director. Her debut features HOME won several Swiss Film Awards, and her second film SISTER premiered at the Berlinale in 2012, won a Silver Bear and was nominated for the European Film Awards. Her latest short film KACEY MOTTET KLEIN, BIRTH OF AN ACTOR will premiere in this year's Berlinale Generation section.