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In the Limelight: Jane Campion

Jane Campion, Peter Cowie
Campion‘s powerful portrayal of the human spirit, and her profound character-driven nar-ratives are intriguing ruminations on societal and gender issues, while being gripping cine-matic feats. Her protagonists are often stub-born pioneers with unique artistic visions such as the fearless pianist played by Holly Hunter in The Piano, writer Janet Frame in An Angle at My Table and poet John Keats in Campion‘s recent Bright Star. Examining social convention through visionary protagonists and powerful emotional insights, Campion’s work has been widely lauded, winning the Palme d’Or (1993), the Silver Lion (1990) and an Academy Award (1994). Her newest mini series, Top of the Lake is featured in the official Berlinale programme.
Jane Campion

New-Zealand-born writer and director, who ranks among the most prominent international arthouse filmmakers. Her films include AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE, THE PIANO and BRIGHT STAR. Her work has received awards in Cannes, Venice, and at the Oscars®. Her TV series TOP OF THE LAKE was screened in the Berlinale Special 2013.

Peter Cowie

A film historian and former international publishing director of Variety magazine, Peter Cowie has written more than 30 books on major figures and eras of world cinema, including Bergman, Welles, Coppola and Kurosawa. He published and edited the annual International Film Guide for 40 years and has contributed numerous commentaries to Criterion’s DVD collection. He has been a consultant to Berlinale Talents since the programme’s inception in 2003.