Talents Pool 1: The Art of Arriving

Archived event Berlin 2020
Time / Location
Feb 24th 2020 / HAU3 - Houseclub
Natascha Noack
For Berlinale Talents participants only | pre-registration required
Recent scientific research and traditional knowledge both suggest that to locate the mind in the brain is to tell less than half the story. So what about the other half? Under the tutelage of host and choreographer Natascha Noack, you explore the collective body and mind of the Talents group. Once the strictures of the self are left behind, the opportunities for thinking afresh about collective creativity multiply. This first of three Talents Pools is for the early birds and makes sure you've arrived in one piece, and are ready to reimagine that piece anew.
Natascha Noack

Natascha Noack works at the intersection of language, film, music and movement. She is a performer and choreographer, translates films and film theory, offers topic-related body and mind and somatic sessions in different contexts, appears as a voice-over artist and is a member of the selection committee of the Generation section at the Berlinale.