Talents Circles: Accepting Collectivity

Archived event Berlin 2020
Time / Location
Feb 25th 2020 / HAU2
moderated by AC Coppens
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Hosted by Telefilm Canada.

Give your assent. Inspired by the theme of this year's Berlinale Talents, industry experts underline the merits of collective work when it comes to filmmaking within Canada and beyond. Representatives of Telefilm Canada reply to your questions regarding production conditions in the Canadian audio-visual industry, while the Hot Doc Film Festival turns up the temperature for international documentary filmmakers. Renowned filmmaker and producer Denis Côté, executive director of imagineNATIVE Jason Ryle, and experimental filmmaker and Talents alumnus Matthew Rankin all pitch in to make this journey into Canadian culture as insightful as it is costless.

Denis Côté (Director)
Diana Sanchez (Toronto International Film Festival)
Jason Ryle (imagineNATIVE)
Dorota Lech, Madelaine Russo (Canadian International Documentary Festival)
Odile Joanette (Wapikoni Project)
Matthew Rankin (Director, Talents alumnus I The Twentieth Century)
Philippe Lesage (Director I Life Of a Great Director) and Galilé Marion-Gauvin (Producer I Life Of a Great Director)
AC Coppens

AC Coppens is the founder of The Marketing Catalysts, a boutique agency that boosts the development of innovative and creative players working in digital tech and film, immersive media, design, music and sound. It also curates and presents conference programmes in these fields (such as EFM Horizon, Cannes NEXT, CPH:DOX and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival) and represents international speakers at the intersection of innovative technologies and creative content.