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Berlinale Talents 2011

Filming War

with Ben Gibson, Samuel Maoz, Janus Metz, Danis Tanović

Portraying high pressure and life-risking situations is inherent to filmmaking processes that depict war and crisis situations, whether fiction or documentary. The very notion of crisis implies that filmmakers have to deal with specific issues: decid…

In the Limelight: Isabella Rossellini

with Peter Cowie, Isabella Rossellini

As the daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini, Isabella Rossellini has been in the limelight her entire life. An actress, writer and director, it was her gut-wrenching performance in David Lynch’s BLUE VELVET which shot her to fame, and …

In the Limelight: Harry Belafonte

with Harry Belafonte, Rajendra Roy

Legendary singer actor and human rights activist, Harry Belafonte is one of the most successful US-American musicians known worldwide for bringing the Jamaican calypso beat to mainstream audiences. As an actor, he made his debut in 1953 with BRIGHT S…

The Indie Filmmakers Guide to Cross-Media I

with Bruno Felix, Michel Reilhac, Liz Rosenthal

Before the Internet, the way that stories were told, delivered and shared were restricted by running times, distribution formats and platforms. The impact of new technologies coupled with an audience that has way more control over their media than ev…

The Shortest Track to Cinema

with Catherine Colas, Maike Mia Höhne, Alexander Stein, Rudolf Worschech

Short films that find their way into regular cinema programmes remain few and far between. And although some dismiss short films as a medium for filmmakers just starting out, this under-appreciated genre is thriving, innovative and extremely active. …

Too Good to be True: Directing Reality

with Heddy Honigmann, Matthijs Wouter Knol, Andres Veiel

Incorporating fictional-style elements in documentary films have enriched the genre tremendously and resulted in compelling storytelling taken from reality. Yet, critics question re-enactments, staging of interviews or even the adding of music in doc…

Cinematography: The Establishing Shot

with Ben Gibson

Cinematography master class with Martin Gschlacht who shot films such as HOTEL, REVANCHE (Oscar nominated as Best Foreign Language Film in 2009), LOURDES and WOMEN WITHOUT MEN.

Play as Process: Worldbuilding and New Ways to Imagine

with Shekhar Kapur, Tali Krakowsky, Saku Lehtinen, Alex McDowell, Andrew Shoben

Our lives are subject to a structure within which we enact our daily acts and rituals, play our games and design our future. The five guests on this panel – each an expert in his/her field of specialisation – will address how one can create a vir…

Building Digital Worlds for the Screen

with Shekhar Kapur, Alex McDowell

Creating the physical world surrounding a film story involves not just design but also in-depth research, problem-solving and technical insight. As a creative process of visualising and physically developing an environment, it becomes a key element o…

In the Limelight: István Szabó and Ralph Fiennes

with Ralph Fiennes, Mike Goodridge, István Szabó

Renowned British actor turned director Ralph Fiennes, whose debut film CORIOLANUS premieres prominently at this year’s Berlinale, has acted in films such as THE CONSTANT GARDENER, SUNSHINE, THE READER, THE HURT LOCKER, SCHINDLER’S LIST and THE EN…

As Queer As It Gets

with John Greyson, Matthijs Wouter Knol, Thunska Pansittivorakul, Wieland Speck, Monika Treut

Queer cinema originated in times when queer opinions and lifestyles weren’t as yet part of the prevailing film industry in western countries. Queer filmmakers experimented with new, different forms of storytelling working with low-budgets and digit…

The Internationals: How Small Stories Become Big

with Claudia Llosa, Kornél Mundruzcó, Abderrahmane Sissako, Dorothee Wenner

The most powerful stories emerge from the reality one is most engaged in. They are linked to the place(s) you come from, situations you’ve experienced and reflect issues that deeply move and interest you. In the words of award-winning filmmaker and…

Barbara Hammer: Making Movies Out of Sex and Life

with Barbara Hammer, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus

She has inspired a generation of queer, feminist and avantgarde artists and filmmakers. Barbara Hammer, a highly prolific visual artist working primarily in film and video, has made over eighty films and videos in the past forty years. Galvanised by …

The Great World of Sound

with Peter Cowie, Michael Nyman

Scoring for film is not a solo venture, but rather a collaborative project that requires a comprehensive understanding of the film and the aim of the filmmaker, envisaging it from a sonic perspective before bringing it to life. That’s what most peo…

Why Poverty?

with Don Edkins, Hans Robert Eisenhauer

Myriad films have been made on poverty but a large proportion of them are stereotypical approaches often seen on television. Experts call them “development porn“ as images of passive helplessness and deprivation are easy to absorb and easier to i…

The Schrader Way to Start a Film

with Peter Cowie, Paul Schrader

When the lights go off, the hall goes dark and the curtain rises, its time to sit back and enjoy the film. The anticipation that comes with the opening scene is often crucial to the success of the film as it sets the tone and allows the viewer to del…

Censored Cinema

with Vincenzo Bugno, Sepideh Farsi, Mehrangiz Kar, Rafi Pitts, Ali Samadi Ahadi

Filmmaking remains politically sensitive facing censorship and limitation of artistic expression in far too many countries, one such example is Iran. Iranian filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rassoulov were recently sentenced to imprisonment and b…