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Berlinale Talents 2008

Love International

with Kate Henshaw-Nuttall, Shah Rukh Khan, Maria Schrader, Dorothee Wenner

There are few things more pleasurable than seeing a ­wonderful love story on the big screen. Although love may be regarded as an eternal affair and a natural human­ con­­dition, looking at films from the different parts of the world, one can see…

The Indie Filmmaker's Guide to the Internet

with Liz Rosenthal

Tales from the Online Frontier
Hear how independent filmmakers of feature, documentary and short films are using the Internet to market, distribute and finance their work. Presenting a variety of case studies, clips and websites, this…

Cairo Underground

with Shadi El-Noshokaty, "Kaiser" Mohamed Fatthi Moussa, Hala Galal, Emad Mabrouk, Viola Shafik

Cairo, the hotspot of the Middle East, has regained its importance over the last decade in both the amount and quality of productions to assert its position at the centre of film and art production in the Middle East. What was once the "most beautifu…

in the Limelight: Mike Leigh

with Ben Gibson, Mike Leigh

His new film Happy-Go-Lucky runs in this year’s competition. Mike Leigh’s influence on British theatre and cinema has been present for more than 30 years. Starting with a focus on theatre, one of his plays became the script for his debut film, Bl…

In the Limelight: Andrzej Wajda

with Ulrich Gregor, Mark LeFanu, Andrzej Wajda

Film and theatre director, script writer and set designer, ­Andrzej Wajda is a major figure of world and Central European cinema, and recipient of the Oscar Award for lifetime achievement and an honorary Golden Bear for lifetime achievement at the B…

Matters of lifa and Death - Reviews that make or break

with Peter Cowie, David D'Arcy, Martina Gedeck, Shaibu Husseini, István Szabó

A fresh look at the special – and at times complicated – ­relationship between film professionals and their critics: the reviewers. Directors, producers and actors/actresses often fear this very sensitive area since reviews have a major influenc…

The Indie Filmmaker's Guide to the Internet

with Arin Crumley, Liz Rosenthal, M Dot Strange, Lance Weiler

Adventures in Self-Distribution: Filmmaker Case Studies
Trail-blazing filmmakers present detailed case studies of their online distribution strategies demonstrating how they use the Internet to connect directly with audiences to promote…

Cinema Inside the Crystal Ball - Future Thoughts on Filmmaking

with Adytia Assarat, Mark LeFanu, Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla

Aditya Assarat’s first feature Wonderful Town will serve as a case study to discuss multiple aspects relevant to the filmmaking of today and tomorrow. The young Thai director converses with futurist scientist, Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla from Volksw…

Crafting Visual Intensity

with Ellen Kuras, Rajendra Roy

Ellen Kuras has a way of seeing that takes an image to its outer limits. In her years as documentary cameraperson and director of photography, she has developed a visual sen­sitivity­ and expertise that resulted in her winning the Sundance Film F…

Real Life Emotion - Biopics and Doc Stars

with Sandrine Bonnaire, Bernd Eichinger, Stephen Frears, Ben Gibson

Traditionally, biographical movies used to seek out the ­tur­n­ing point that defined a life, usually a public life, with the formal atmosphere of a destiny revealed and fulfilled. ­Aud­iences seem to be increasingly tired of the simplicity of…

Eyes on the Music

with Peter Cowie, Gustavo Santaolalla

Presentation of the Volkswagen Score Competition.