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Berlinale Talents 2007

In the Limelight: Walter Salles

with José Carlos Avellar, Peter Cowie, Walter Salles

Brazilian director Walter Salles won a Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1998 for CENTRAL DO BRASIL , a film also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Recent films by Walter Salles include the US-Amer…

Metrobranding - The Creation and Production of City Images

with Tata Amaral, Vinzenz Hediger, Deyan Sudjik, Ning Ying

There's a whole lot of business behind the decision of a film's location: the new world order demands that all major cities create an image which is easily distinguishable from its competitors. The branding of nations and cities has become a major by…

Virtual Cinema

with Ian Christie, Noah Falstein, Kees Kasander, Tom Tykwer

Be it the travel of cinema spectators into the ancient times of historical films like Tom Tykwer’s PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER or time-travelling characters as in the Berlinale Generation Kplus contribution CRUSADE IN JEANS , produced by Kees K…

By Popular Demand - Local Content for International Markets

with Onir , Stephen Frears, Khaled El Hagar, Jia Zhangke

If Hollywood is not in your backyard, as a filmmaker you may already have experienced a clash between the local audience’s demands and requirements to go “international“ with your projects. Even if based in countries with “big markets“, as the p…

Film Co-Ops - Making Films with Friends

with Barbara Albert, Ulrich Gregor, Amir Muhammad, Eliane Raheb, Marc Siegel, Patrick Sobelman

On the long, winding road from the first idea for a film to its premiere, all filmmakers know: you need to have a homebase which enables you to work, especially, when you are operating independently, outside of film schools, studios or other establis…

Whose Side is it Anyway?

with Peter Cowie, Raoul Peck, Ralitza Petrova, Jasmila Zbanic

How does a film win the hearts of people? How do individuals decide to love or hate a film? The answer lies in the power of identification: a deeply private bond growing with a character, two lovers, a family or a set of equal-minded individuals. I’…

Berlin Today Award: Becoming a Berliner

with Wladimir Kaminer, Adrian Kennedy, Sebastian Schipper, Nikko Weidemann

Four creative Berliners, novelist Wladimir Kaminer, director Sebastian Schipper, musician Nikko Weidemann and performer Adrian Kennedy, will take you on a journey through Berlin, beyond the festival venue: guidelines for lazy tourists, festival guest…

On Border Crossing: Gael García Bernal

with Peter Cowie, Gael García Bernal

Although his acting career began at the age of eleven in a Mexican TV series, the world didn't become fully aware of Gael García Bernal until 2000, when Alejandro González Iñárritu's AMORES PERROS entered international cinemas. And after Alfonso …

The Radical Way to Success: John Waters

with Wieland Speck, John Waters

A filmmaker who became well known in the early 1970s for his intentionally transgressive comedies, he pushed hard at the boundaries of conventional propriety and movie censorship with his early films, PINK FLAMINGO, FEMALE TROUBLE and DESPERATE LIVI…

A Sense of Belonging

with Dorothee Wenner

Migration, for many filmmakers, often creates a very special dynamic between the \\\"real home\\\" and a sense of belonging to far away places, where the family originates from. Armenia and North-Korea are the countries revisited by these filmmakers …

Filming in the eye of the storm

with Ralf Fücks, Thomas Gebauer, Bianca Jagger, Monique Phoba, Eyas Salman, Rakesh Sharma

This panel highlights and debates the situation of filmmakers in troubled and politically unstable areas, represented by examples from the Congo, Palestine and India. How do filmmakers survive artistically and economically without becoming part of th…

On Eye Level with a Viewfinder: Slawomir Idziak

with Slawomir Idziak

\\\\\\\"European cinema landscape before and after digital revolution\\\\\\\"

Polish-born Sławomir Idziak, one of Europe’s most acclaimed directors of photography, stands in the long tradition of successful and influential Pol…

Film's FutureLab

with Michael Arias, James Fabricant, Micz Flor, Grahame Weinbren

A new generation of filmmakers and cinephiles enter today’s theatres: those who also frequent the internet as a source of entertainment, distraction and education. Cinema and traditional filmmaking have a strong, new competitor. This panel will deba…

Sparkling Tales

with Alby James, Fred Roos, Rajendra Roy

This presentation allows a unique glimpse into the casting process for feature films and how they are made. Festival director Rajendra Roy (Hamptons International Film Festival) will talk with producer and casting director Fred Roos (THE GODFATHER , …

Burning Stories

with Hans Robert Eisenhauer, Dick Fontaine, Esther van Messel, Frederick Wiseman

“Can young filmmakers change the world? How to make the personal political and the political personal – are these the only questions that matter?“, asks Dick Fontaine, head of the documentary department at NFTS as an introduction to a discussion o…

Steering Emotions

with Jan Kaczmarek, Guy Maddin

Film scores are a crucial, yet chronically underestimated key to understanding and steering an audiences’ reaction to a film. Strangely enough, music can also serve as a means of creating distances to the visuals on screen. The panel seeks to highli…

Presentation of the Garage Flicks

with Jay Anania, David Thompson, Grahame Weinbren, Jia Zhangke

During the past Campus days four film crews have each produced a “Garage Flick“. Conceived exclusively for an internet release, today will be the exception: The four flicks will be presented on the big screen. Subsequently, the Garage Studio Talent…