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4 lectures about: Drama Series

M - The Making of a Series


There's always more beneath the surface. Descend into the underworlds of “M,” the serial adaption of Fritz Lang's 1930’s masterpiece, with its cinematographer, production designer and editor, as they shed light on their multi-layered collaboration.

  • Cinematography
  • Production Design
  • Editing
  • Drama Series

High in the North: New Finnish Series


The makers of two brand new Finnish short series shed light on their uncompromising approaches to storytelling, online distribution strategies and the task of reaching youth audiences.

  • Distribution
  • Screenwriting
  • Web Series
  • Drama Series
  • Innovation
  • Marketing

Murder Management: Tension in Crime and Mystery


Presenting practical cases from their series Dark, the creators demonstrate how constructing binge-inducing suspense is all about how and when to reveal your characters' deepest secrets.

  • Horror / Supernatural
  • Fantasy
  • Screenwriting
  • Directing
  • Drama Series

Berlinale Talents: Secrets


Berlinale Jury president Tom Tykwer (Babylon Berlin) kicks off this edition of Berlinale Talents and unpacks the secrets of his uniquely collaborative approach to both film and drama series during development and on-set.

  • Jury
  • Directing
  • Storytelling
  • Drama Series
  • Collaborative Working