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2 lectures about: Change

Reinventing Porn: Erika’s Ethics


For sex-positive director Erika Lust, the production process is key to changing the androcentric space of porn and mass media. Yet Erika’s ethics are by no means restricted to pornography and break new ground when it comes to the place of social responsibility in filmmaking.

  • Directing
  • Erotic
  • Change
  • Collaborative Working
  • feminism
  • Diversity
  • Gender Equality
  • Production Conditions

Greening the Film Industry


Sustainable film producing has never been more crucial. How can emerging filmmakers find both ecological and financial advantages to going green? Various experts, ranging from scientists, producers, to set designers will discuss different approaches …

  • Sustainability
  • Activism
  • Production Design
  • Berlinale Competition
  • Future
  • Change