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Talents Take Cannes 2021

Jul 5, 2021
We've been waiting for Cannes for quite a while, and this year’s slight delay means the anticipation is even higher. What makes things even more exciting is that, travel restrictions allowing, there will be a whole host of Talents alumni cruising the Croisette this year!
The Official Selection is bursting with the familiar faces of filmmakers who have crossed the Talents threshold throughout the years, including 17 Talents involved in ten films selected for Competition alone. There are over 75 alumni across all sections of the festival, the complete list of which you'll find below. Don't forget, you can search for each alumni profile under Talents and Alumni in the Discover section of our Menu. 

Official Selection


“Annette” – co-producer Consuelo Frauenfelder (BT 2005), co-producer Fabian Gasmia (BT 2013) 

“A Feleségem Története” (The Story of My Wife) – cinematography Marcell Rév (BT 2011)

“Bergman Island” – actor Gabe Klinger (BT 2004)

“Hytti Nro 6“ (Compartment No.6) – director Juho Kuosmanen (BT 2009), producer Jussi Rantamäki (BT 2009), editor Jussi Rautaniemi (BT 2017)

“The Worst Person in the World” – writer & director Joachim Trier (BT 2004), writer Eskil Vogt (BT 2004), co-producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008)

“The Restless” – producer Eva Kuperman (BT 2021)

“Memoria” – producer Diana Bustamante (BT 2019), editor Lee Chatametikool (BT 2006)

“France” – producer Dorothe Beinemeier (BT 2006), producer Matteo Rovere (BT 2006)

“The French Dispatch” – actor Elizabeth Moss (BT 2004)

“Titane” – producer Jean-Christoph Reymond (BT 2004/05)

Un Certain Regard

“Moneyboys” –  director c.b. yi (BT 2013), producer Guillaume De La Boulaye (BT 2014/15)

“Let There Be Morning” – editor Haim Tabakman (BT 2007)

“Women Do Cry” – writer, director, producer & actor Vesela Kazakova (BT 2005), co-producer Christophe Bruncher (BT 2003)

“Rehana Maryam Noor” – producer Jeremy Chua (BT 2017)

“Great Freedom” – writer & director Sebastian Meise (BT 2003) 

“La Civil” – producer Cristian Mungiu (BT 2004)

“The Innocents” – writer & director Eskil Vogt (BT 2004), co-producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008), composer Pessi Levanto (BT 2016)

Cannes Premiere

“Mothering Sunday” – director Eva Husson (BT 2006), cinematography Jamie Ramsay (BT 2013)

“Evolution” – director Kornél Mundruczó (BT 2004)

Special Screenings

“O Marinheiro das Montanhas” (Mariner of the Mountains) – cinematography Juan Sarmiento G. (BT 2011), editor Ricardo Saraiva (BT 2015)

“The Year of the Everlasting Storm” – director Anthony Chen (BT 2012), director Dominga Sotomayor (BT 2009), director David Lowery (BT 2005)

“Are You Lonesome Tonight” – producer Jing Wang (BT 2018), cinematography Xiaosu Han (BT 2013), cinematography Andreas Thalhammer (BT 2014)

Short Films

"Céu de Agosto" - production design Diogo Hayashi (BT 2017)

Cinéfondation Atelier

Lukas V. Rinner (BT 2013), “Landscapes of Fear”

Yosep Anggi Noen (BT 2014), “Jilah and the Man With Two Names”

Ella Manzheeva (BT 2013), “White Road”

Gustavo Rondón Córdova (BT 2007/2014) "El Tiempo Que Perdimos"

Minh Quý Trương (BT 2016) "Viet and Nam"

La Semaine de la Critique


“Amparo” – cinematography & producer Juan Sarmiento G. (BT 2011)

“Feathers” – writer Ahmed Ahmer (BT 2013), editor Hisham Saqr (BT 2011)

“Libertad” – writer & director Clara Roquet (BT 2018), producer Maria Zamora (BT 2006), cinematography Gris Jordana (BT 2004), editor Ana Pfaff (BT 2018), music Paul Tyan (BT 2017)

“Piccolo Corpo” (Small Body) – cinematography Mitja Ličen (BT 2016), editor Chiara Dainese (BT 2021), producer Thomas Lambert (BT 2021)

“Rien à foutre” (Zero Fucks Given) – director Emmanuel Marre (BT 2011)

Short films

“Interfon 15” – writer & director Andrei Epure (BT 2018)

“Ma Shelo Nishbar” (If It Ain't Broke) – writer & director Elinor Nechemya (BT 2016), editor Guy Nemesh (BT 2019)

“Safe” – editor Sercan Sezgin (BT 2021)

Special Screenings

Opening: “Robuste” (Robust) – writer & director Constance Meyer (BT 2015

Directors’ Fortnight

Feature Films

“A Chiara” – writer & director Jonas Carpignano (BT 2012), producer Jon Coplon (BT 2016)

“A Night of Knowing Nothing” – director Payal Kapadia (BT 2019), producer Thomas Hakim (BT 2020)

“Ali & Ava” – director Clio Barnard (BT 2003)

“Clara Sola” – writer & director Nathalie Álvarez Mesen (BT 2017), production design Amparo Baeza (BT 2021), composer Ruben de Gheselle (BT 2017), producer Marcelo Quesada (BT 2013)

“Diários de Otsoga” – producer Sandro Aguilar (BT 2006)

“Entre les vagues” – writer & director Anaïs Volpé (BT 2017)

“Luaneshat e kodrës” – music Aldo Shllaku (BT 2012)

“Medusa” – director Anita Rocha da Silveira (BT 2017) Script Station Project 2017

“Murina” – writer & director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic (BT 2016), producer Danijel Pek (BT 2015)

“Neptune Frost” – actor Eliane Umuhire (BT 2021)

“The Souvenir: Part ll” – art director Byron Broadbent (BT 2006)

“The Sea Ahead” – writer & director Ely Dagher (BT 2017) Script Station Project 2017

La Fabrique / Les Cinemas Du Monde

Cecilia Kang (BT 2018), “Elder Son”

Sahra Mani (BT 2015), “Kabul Melody”

Marouan Omara (BT 2015) & Tom Rosenberg (BT 2019), “The Missing Planet” 


“I Comete” – producer Helen Olive (BT 2016)

“Down with the King” – producer Robert Cristiano (BT 2018)