Berlinale Talents

1 – 5 March 2021

Dream of the Day
Everything looks a little different this year, including Berlinale Talents, so it’s the perfect time for a new perspective. We invited our Talents to take a break, go outside, look at their local environment with fresh eyes and share their reflections, their Dream of the Day, with us here.
© Constanza Sandoval
© Laura Carvalho
© João Gabriel de Queiroz
© Diego Garcia
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© Eldar Shibanov
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© Laura Helena Bermúdez Mesquita

A Warm Hello from Berlinale Talents

There is never a wrong time to dream on. And also in its 19th edition, Berlinale Talents dreams big, regardless of current circumstances. Our platform continues to offer a unique habitat for international networking, talent and project development. 200 of the world’s most promising film professionals meet on an equal footing with seasoned filmmakers, industry experts and artists to carve out new visions for their future and quash the rise of nightmarish realities.

Berlinale Talents has always turned to its Talents for inspiration, never more so than now: the resilience so many of you have shown in the last couple of months is matched only by your desire to continue creating and to inspire dreams in audiences around the world, never compromising when it comes to the love of your craft and the stories you want to tell. There is therefore much to be optimistic about, much to learn, and much to share. We have no doubt your brilliance will lead us to even sweeter dreams.

Christine Tröstrum & Florian Weghorn
Heads of Berlinale Talents

Welcome to Berlin, wherever you might be!

The past year has radically changed our daily habits, to say the least. Yet Berlinale Talents shows us that even when we can appear isolated, cinema has the power to bring us together, and innovate new ways of learning and exchanging in the process. With this in mind, I welcome you on behalf of the Federal Government to the 19th edition of Berlinale Talents. You can look forward to a week full of intensive exchange, debate and manifold opportunities which this unique forum offers to more than 200 emerging filmmakers from some 60 nations. The film industry rarely offers emerging talents across all disciplines an opportunity to continue learning and share experience in such a diverse and high-quality setting. That Berlinale Talents is taking place despite adverse circumstances is an inspiration. So join each other in solidarity, hope and encouragement. And welcome to Berlin, wherever you might be!

Prof. Monika Grütters
Minister of State for Culture and the Media
Member of the German Bundestag

We give more than Money!

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is keen to foster talented filmmakers who want to bring their creativeness to Berlin! Countless crews spend more than 5,000 shooting days for films and series in our region and you can become one of them. Whether you are interested in an artist residency, need help with co-productions or are looking for funding for your next project, find out more about the support they offer in the words of welcome by Veronika Grob, funding advisor for Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

It's all about cooperation!

Creative Europe MEDIA supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. The programme helps launch projects with a European dimension, nurtures new technologies and enables creatives working on feature films, television drama, documentaries and new media to find markets beyond national and European borders. Discover more about their training, film development, and funding schemes in the words of welcome by Harald Trettenbrein, the Head of the EACEA Agency of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

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The Two Mountains Weighing Down My Chest, © Joanna Mueller, Chanelle Eidenbenz
The Two Mountains Weighing Down My Chest, © Joanna Mueller, Chanelle Eidenbenz

#WeUsedTo is part of our exploration into perspective, inspired by Studio Olafur Eliasson. Read more about our invitation to our Talents to discover their environments in a new way.