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Talents Alumni in Cannes Official Selection 2024

Apr 30, 2024

The 77th annual Cannes Film Festival is only a matter of weeks away, and we've been busy researching the selection for Berlinale Talents alumni! As the festivities draw nearer, we are happy to share that there are 35 Talents alumni who have worked on 22 films in Official Selection.

With six films in Competition that feature the work of fourteen alumni, we see familiar faces across Un Certain Regard, Cannes Premiere, Shorts and La Cinef. Read on for the full impressive list. 


"Motel Destino" – producer Janaina Bernardes (BT 2021), co-producer Guilherme Coelho (BT 2015), co-producer Cécile Tollu-Polonowski (BT 2016)

"The Apprentice" – producer Daniel Bekerman (BT 2013), producer Jacob Jarek (BT 2007)

"Bird" – art director Lili Lea Abraham (BT 2020), executive producer Mollye Asher (BT 2017), associate editor Chiara Armentano (BT 2018)

"The Girl With The Needle" – director & co-writer Magnus von Horn (BT 2011), co-writer Line Langebek (BT 2007)

"All We Imagine As Light" – writer & director Payal Kapadia (BT 2019), producer Thomas Hakim (BT 2020), producer Frank Hoeve (BT 2010) - WINNER GRAND PRIX

"The Seed Of The Sacred Fig" – sound Hassan Shabankareh (BT 2012) - SPECIAL AWARD & FIPRESCI Award (Competition)

Un Certain Regard

"Norah" – production design Rand Abdul Nour (BT 2023) - SPECIAL MENTION

"September Says" – co-producer Cécile Tollu-Polonowski (BT 2016)

"The Village Next to Paradise" – writer & director Mo Harawe (BT 2022)

"L’histoire de Souleymane" – co-writer Delphine Agut (BT 2010) - WINNER JURY PRIZE & FIPRESCI Award (Un Certain Regard)

"On Becoming a Guinea Fowl" – writer & director Rungano Nyoni (BT 2010)

"Viet and Nam" – director Minh Quy Truong (BT 2016), producer Bianca Balbuena (BT 2012), producer Bradley Liew (BT 2015)

"Armand" – co-producer Sol Bondy (BT 2016), co-producer Derk-Jan Warrink (BT 2011), cinematography Pål Ulvik Rokseth (BT 2015) - WINNER CAMÉRA D'OR 2024

Out of Competition

"She's Got No Name" – composer Natalie Holt (BT 2007)

Cannes Premiere

"Everybody Loves Touda" – co-producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008)

"En Fanfare" – production design Mathé (BT 2018)

The Short Films Competition

"Across The Waters" - by Viv Li (BT 2021)

"Les belles cicatrices" – composer & sound designer Pierre Oberkampf (BT 2024)

"The Man Who Could Not Remain Silent" – producer Danijel Pek (BT 2015) - WINNER Palme d’or

"Sanki Yoxsan" – cinematographer Konstantinos Koukoulios (BT 2015)

"Bad For A Moment" (Mau Por Um Momento) – sound design Ines Adriana (BT 2021) - SPECIAL MENTION

La Cinef

"Praeis" - cinematographer Tamás A. Méder (BT 2024), editor László Dunai (BT 2015)