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Talents Alumni Take Over Toronto

Sep 10, 2021

It's TIFF time and the Talents alumni are taking over Toronto! There are an incredible 90 alumni involved in key roles across 55 films and series in the selection, including two films which were developed at our Script Station!

Drumroll please!

"Medusa" was developed at our Script Station by writer and director Anita Rocha da Silveira (BT 2017).

Contemporary World Cinema

"Piccolo Corpo" – cinematography Mitja Ličen (BT 2016), editor Chiara Dainese (BT 2021), producer Thomas Lambert (BT 2021)

"The Hill Where Lionesses Roar" – composer Aldo Shllaku (BT 2012)

"The Odd-Job Men" – writer, director, editor Neus Ballús (BT 2011) 

"El otro Tom" – producer Sandino Saravia Vinay (BT 2004), cinematographer Odei Zabaleta (BT 2016), art director Ana J. Bellido (BT 2015) 

"Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash" – director Edwin (BT 2005), actor Ladya Cheryl (BT 2012), producer Meiske Taurisia (BT 2008)

"Whether the Weather is Fine! (Kun Maupay Man It Panahon) – writer, director Carlo Francisco Manatad (BT 2012), writer Giancarlo Lauro Abrahan (BT 2015), producer Armi Rae Cacanindin (BT 2014)

"Medusa" – writer, director Anita Rocha da Silveira (BT 2017). This project was developed at our Script Station.

"Costa Brava, Lebanon" – writer Clara Roquet (BT 2018), producer Myriam Sassine (BT 2014), co-producer Olivier Guerpillon (BT 2004), co-producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008)

“Hytti Nro 6“ (Compartment No.6) – director Juho Kuosmanen (BT 2009), producer Jussi Rantamäki (BT 2009), editor Jussi Rautaniemi (BT 2017)

"7 Prisoners" - cinematography João Gabriel de Queiroz (BT 2020)


"The Devil's Drivers" – director, cinematography, producer Daniel Carsenty (BT 2012)

"Listening to Kenny G" – producer Gabriel Sedgwick (BT 2011)

"Flee" – writer, director Jonas Poher Rasmussen (BT 2013/18)

"To Kill The Beast" (Matar a la Bestia) was also developed at our Script Station by writer, director & editor Agustina San Martín (BT 2016). With cinematography by Constanza Sandoval (BT 2021), editing by Ana Godoy (BT 2015), produced by Dominga Ortúzar (BT 2019).


"Scarborough" – composer Robert Teehan (BT 2013) 

"The Game" – cinematography Joaquín Neira (BT 2018), editor Ana Godoy (BT 2015)

"To Kill The Beast" (Matar a la Bestia) – writer, director, editor Agustina Florencia San Martín (BT 2016), cinematography Constanza Sandoval (BT 2021), editor Ana Godoy (BT 2015), producer Dominga Ortúzar (BT 2019). This project was developed at our Script Station.

"Tug of War" (Vuta N'Kuvute) – writer, director, producer Amil ShivjI (BT 2014), editor Matthew Swanepoel (BT 2020), writer Jenna Cato Bass (BT 2008)

"Lo Invisible" – writer, director, editor Javier Andrade (BTB 2014), writer, actor Anahi Hoeneisen (BT 2009)

"Learn To Swim" – executive producer Matthew Code (BT 2019)

"As In Heaven" – writer, director Tea Lindeburg (BT 2005)

"Are You Lonesome Tonight?" – producer Jing Wang (BT 2018), cinematography Xiaosu Han (BT 2013), cinematography Andreas Thalhammer (BT 2014)

"Anatolian Leopard" – editor Ricardo Saraiva (BT 2015), producer Jón Hammer (BT 2020)

Gala Presentations

"Night Raiders" – producer Chelsea Winstanley (BT 2008), actor Elle-Maija Tailfeathers (BT 2013)

"Silent Night" – writer, director Camille Griffin (BT 2005)

"The Worst Person in the World" – writer, director Joachim Trier (BT 2004), writer Eskil Vogt (BT 2004), co-producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008)

"Jagged" – director Alison Klayman (BT 2014)

"You Are Not My Mother" written and directed by Kate Dolan (BT 2014),with cinematography by Narayan Van Maele (BT 2009)

Midnight Madness

"Zalava" – writer Ida Panahandeh (BT 2009)

"You Are Not My Mother" – writer, director Kate Dolan (BT 2014), cinematography Narayan Van Maele (BT 2009)

"Titane" – producer Jean-Christoph Reymond (BT 2004/05)

"DASHCAM" – writer, director Robert Savage (BT 2012)

Next Wave 

"Murina" – writer, director Antoneta Kusijanovic (BT 2016), producer Danijel Pek (BT 2015)

"Farha" – writer, director Darin Sallam (BT 2021), cinematography Rachel Aoun (BT 2008) 

"Colin in Black and White" – cinematography Matthew Lloyd (BT 2007)


"Silent Land" – producer Agnieszka Wasiak (BT 2009), producer Giovanni Pompili (BT 2014)

"Yuni" – editor Lee Chatametikool (BT 2006)

"Mlungu Wam" (Good Madam) – writer, director, cinematography, production design, producer Jenna Cato Bass (BT 2008), editor Jacques de Villiers (BT 2020) 


"The Panthers" – production design Jane Bucknell (BT 2015), sound Nick Buckton (BT 2015)

"The Power of the Dog" with cinematography by Air Wegner (BT 2009)

Special Presentations 

"Competencia Oficial" – cinematography Arnau Valls Colomer (BT 2003)

"La Caja" – editor Pablo Barbieri Carrera (BT 2003)

"The Middleman" – producer Jacob Jarek (BT 2007)

"The Power of the Dog" – cinematography Ari Wegner (BT 2009)

"A Feleségem Története" (The Story of My Wife) – cinematography Marcell Rév (BT 2011)

"Wolf" – producer Jessica Fisk (BT 2019)

"Mothering Sunday"– director Eva Husson (BT 2006), cinematography Jamie Ramsay (BT 2013)

"Encounter" – writer, director Michael Pearce (BT 2015)

"Benediction" – cinematography Nicola Daley (BT 2012)

“Ali & Ava” – director Clio Barnard (BT 2003)

Special Event 

"Memoria" – producer Diana Bustamante (BT 2019), editor Lee Chatametikool (BT 2006)

"Neptune Frost" with actor Eliane Umuhire (BT 2021)


"Neptune Frost" – actor Eliane Umuhire (BT 2021)

"Das Mädchen und die Spinne" (The Girl and the Spider) – writer, director Silvan Zürcher (BT 2015), producer Aline Schmid (BT 2018), cinematography Alex Haßkerl (BT 2017)

"The Tsugua Diaries" (Diários de Otsoga) – producer Sandro Aguilar (BT 2006) 

"A Night of Knowing Nothing" - writer, director Payal Kapadia (BT 2019), producer Thomas Hakim (BT 2020)

Short Cuts

"Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit" – writer, director, editor, sound Gabriel Herrera (BT 2008), producer Susana Bernal (BT 2019)

"Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro" – director Jerry Carlsson (BT 2015)

"The Infantas" – director Andrea Herrera (BT 2006)

*All images courtesy of TIFF.