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Oscars 2024: Talents Alumni in International Feature Race

Nov 17, 2023

The race for Best International Feature at the 96th Academy Awards is on, and we are excited to see that 39 of the submitted films features a Berlinale Talents touch, with 82 alumni having contributed their important creative work. We are also happy to see that one of the films was a Talents Lab project and one was developed at our Script Station. Pakistan's In Flames was selected for our Talent Project Market in 2020, presented at the European Film Market by producer Anam Abbas. Greece's Behind the Haystacks was selected for the Script Station in 2016 and developed there by director Asimina Proedrou.

Congratulations and best of luck to all those in the running. 

TOTEM (Naíma Sentíes © Limerencia)
TOTEM (Naíma Sentíes © Limerencia)


ARGENTINA: Los Delincuentes – co-producer Julia Alves (BT 2019)

BRAZIL: Picture Of Ghosts – producer Emilie Lesclaux (BT 2008), co-producer Felipe Lopes (BT 2022)

CANADA: Rojek – director & producer Zaynê Akyol (BT 2013)

CHILE: The Settlers – director Felipe Galvez Haberle (BT 2019), producer Benjamín Domenech (BT 2010), Emily Morgan (BT 2013), co-producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008)

COLUMBIA: A Male – producer Louise Bellicaud (BT 2014)

COSTA RICA: I Have Electric Dreams – director Valentina Maurel (BT 2020), cinematography Nicolás Wong Díaz (BT 2018)

MEXICO: Tótem – casting Gabriela Cartol (BT 2019)

PERU: The Erection of Toribio Bardelli – sound designer Tiago Bello (BT 2013)

IN FLAMES (Courtesy of Citylights Media)
IN FLAMES (Courtesy of Citylights Media)


INDONESIA: Autobiography – director & writer Makbul Mubarak (BT 2012), editor Carlo Francisco Manatad (BT 2012), production designer Sigit D. Pratama (BT 2022), co-producers Armi Rae Cacanindin (BT 2014) & Louise Bellicaud (BT 2014), producer Yulia Evina Bhara (BT 2018 & TPM 2019)

MALAYSIA: Tiger Stripes – writer & director Amanda Nell Eu (BT 2018), producer Fei Ling Foo (BT 2020), co-producer Fran Borgia (BT 2014), co-producer Jonas Weydemann (BT 2011/13), co-producer Yulia Evina Bhara (BT 2018/19), editor Carlo Francisco Manatad (BT 2012)

NEPAL: Halkara – cinematographer Chintan Rajbhandari (BT 2018), production designer Suman Nidhi Sharma (BT 2018)

PAKISTAN: In Flames – producer Anam Abbas (BT 2020).
This project took part in our Talent Project Market in 2020. 

PHILIPPINES: The Missing – executive producer Antoinette Jadaone (BT 2014), executive producer / producer Dan Villegas (BT 2015), editor Benjamin Gonzales Tolentino (BT 2014), production designer Eero Yves Francisco (BT 2023)

SINGAPORE: The Breaking Ice – writer, director & producer  Anthony CHEN (BT 2012), editor Mun Thye Soo (BT 2022)

BEHIND THE HAYSTACKS (Courtesy of Asimina Proedrou)
BEHIND THE HAYSTACKS (Courtesy of Asimina Proedrou)


BELGIUM: Omen – actor Eliane Umuhire (BT 2021)

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Excursion – director Una Gunjak (BT 2012), co-producer Gary Cranner (BT 2016), producer Adis Djapo (BT 2008), co-producer François Morisset (BT 2022)

CROATIA: Traces – actor Marija Skaricic (BT 2007), co-producer Ieva Norviliene (BT 2006), co-producer Milan Stojanovic (BT 2016), cinematographer Damjan Radovanovic (BT 2005)

CZECH REPUBLIC: Brothers – cinematographer Friede Clausz (BT 2016)

DENMARK: The Promised Land – co-producer Fabian Gasmia (BT 2013)

GREECE: Behind the Haystacks – director Asimina Proedrou (BT 2016), producer Anna Jancso (BT 2017)
This project took part in our Script Station in 2016.

ICELAND: Godland – producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008), producer Anton Máni Svansson (BT 2012)

IRELAND: In The Shadow Of Beirut – co-producer Myriam Sassine (BT 2014)

LUXEMBOURG: The Last Ashes – actor Jeanne Werner (BT 2018), associate producer Bernard Michaux (BT 2007), cinematographer Nikos Welter (BT 2012)

ZONE OF INTEREST (Courtesy of A24)
ZONE OF INTEREST (Courtesy of A24)

MONTENEGRO: Sirin – writer & director Senad Šahmanović (BT 2019), co-producer Jure Pavlovic (BT 2014), co-producer Ines Tanović (BT 2011)

NETHERLANDS: Sweet Dreams – producer Erik Glijnis (BT 2017), co-producer Mandy Marahimin (BT 2020)

NORTH MACEDONIA: Housekeeping for Beginners – writer, director & editor Goran Stolevski (BT 2017), actor Sara Klimoska (BT 2019), actor Alina Serban (BT 2023), producer Kristina Ceyton (BT 2011) & Milan Stojanovic (BT 2016)

PORTUGAL: Bad Living – editor João Braz (BT 2006)

SLOVENIA: Riders – producers Danijel Pek (BT 2015), Srdjan Sarenac (BT 2007) & Milan Stojanovic (BT 2016)

SPAIN: The Society of the Snow – actor Rafael Federman (BT 2017)

SWEDEN: Opponent  – actor Björn Elgerd (BT 2022)

UK: The Zone Of Interest – German dialogue consultant Lukas Feigelfeld (BT 2020)

INSHALLAH A BOY - (Courtesy MAD Distribution)
INSHALLAH A BOY - (Courtesy MAD Distribution)

Middle East & Africa

IRAQ: Hanging Gardens – director & co-writer Ahmed Yassin Al Daradji (BT 2018)

JORDAN: Inshallah a Boy – writer & director Amjad Al Rasheed (BT 2007), writer Delphine Agut (BT 2010)

NAMIBIA: Under The Hanging Tree – writer, director, producer Perivi Katjavivi (BT 2015), music & producer Mpumelelo Mcata (BT 2016), producer Anna Teeman (BT 2016), editor Khalid Shamis (BT 2010)

NIGERIA: Mami Wata – actor Uzoamaka Aniunoh (BT 2023)

PALESTINE: Bye Bye Tiberias – co-producer Ossama Bawardi (BT 2008)

SENEGAL: Banel & Adama – cinematographer Amine Berrada (BT 2014)

SUDAN: Goodbye Julia – cinematography Pierre de Villiers (BT 2020)

TURKEY: About Dry Grasses​ – producer Mediha Didem Türemen (BT 2018)