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Project information

Talent Mariano Mouriño
Role of participant Director
Director Mariano Mouriño
Producer Mariano Mouriño and Pablo Stigliani
Screenwriter Mariano Mouriño and Patricio Alvarado Plaza
Status in development

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Coming-of-age
Year of production 2022
Country of Production Argentina
Production Company
Stigliani Mouriño Cine
Website http://www.smcine.com.ar

still / picture for Rosa


In his first year at the University, IVAN meets at a film club two women over forty who will enter for the first time in the adult world.


Name Mariano Mouriño
Company Stigliani Mouriño Cine
E-mail mariano@smcine.com.ar/smcine.com.ar