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Project information

Talent Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Role of participant Director
Director Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Producer Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Screenwriter Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Status finished

Production details

Running time 22 min
Genre Experimental
Year of production 2018
Countries of Production Germany , Netherlands
Production Companies
Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Benjamin Ramírez Pérez

still / picture for Despair
still / picture for Despair
still / picture for Despair


DESPAIR works with newly filmed 16mm footage of cinematic reenactments, which are connected in an associative collage-like layering into an experimental film, taking Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s film of the same title from 1977 as its starting point.

Drawing on and digressing from various complementary sources such as Fassbinder’s contribution to „Germany in Autumn“, David Cronenberg’s „Dead Ringers“, the 1970s „Mission Impossible“ TV-series as well as cel-animation, the theme of the cinematic double is explored and questions of identity, identification and alienation are raised alongside an inquiry into the political and cultural legacies of the German Autumn.

Participation in international festivals / awards