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Talent Project Market 2019

Project information

Talent Jenny Suen
Role of participant Director
Director Jenny Suen
Producer Jenny Suen, Jonah Greenberg, Leonard Tee, Stephan Holl
Screenwriter Jenny Suen
Status in development

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Comedy
Budget in Euro 1900000
Year of production 2019
Countries of Production China , Germany , Hong Kong , Malaysia
Production Companies
Rapid Eye Movies
White Sea Pictures
Nanyang Brothers
Salty Pictures


Marie 1 scams sugar daddies for a living, while her best friend Marie 2 holds out for true love, but together they are forced to confront their differences and existential plight as their “boyfriends” and
crimes catch up with them.

still / picture for Peaches


PEACHES follows the misadventures of 2 young women as they try to survive in new China. Marie 1 is the cool girl at school that everyone hated but secretly wanted to be. Marie 2 is her sidekick, more thoughtful & full of heart. They don’t work, they play all day.

Marie 1 rips off sugar daddies & steals their sugar. Marie 2 assists by crashing the date & driving their getaway motorcycle.

Still hungry? Find another sugar daddy to foot the bill!

Work? Why bother?

Besieged with petty rivalries and rude awakenings, their friendship starts to rot. Marie 2 grows critical of their lifestyle. She holds out for love but her suitors are students with poor prospects. A dorky Lepidopterist pursues her but all he has to offer her to eat are cup noodles. Zhang Wei takes her to “Paris,” a small town built to look like the City of Lights, but the simulacra doesn’t hold up. The crepes & Chateau “Lafee” Rothschild turn out to be jianbing & plum juice. Marie 2 doesn’t want to pretend anymore.

The sugar daddy money is getting harder to come by. One date becomes the latest instalment of “Fast and the Furious” when he chases them. Another ends up with Marie 1 getting a taste of her own medicine when she discovers that an Hermes Birkin a sugar daddy had given her is a fake.

Hungry and broke, the girls were sold a lifestyle they can’t afford & don’t want to work for. Neither of their competing versions of what love should be have panned out, to say nothing of their friendship, the only true thing they ever really had.

Together, they look for another way. Things start to get surreal. They fall through a sinkhole into the “real” world. They see the “civilian” life they might have lived. In a clothing factory they see factory girls who are a splitting image of themselves. Are they really so special after all?

Eventually, the girls find themselves in a banquet hall filled with all their favourite foods. Have they gone to “heaven”? They eat & drink themselves silly & lay it all to ruins in a food fight.

The police crash the party but the girls escape. We know the girls are not for long as they utter their famous last words: Who cares about those old fogeys, the sugar daddies, the boyfriends, or the policemen? We’re still young. We have our whole lives ahead of us!