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Blackbird (short Film)


Project information

Talent Amie Batalibasi
Role of participant Director
Director Amie Batalibasi
Screenwriter Amie Batalibasi
Status finished

Production details

Running time 13 min
Genre Historical / Period
Year of production 2015
Country of Production Australia
Production Company
Melbourne University Victorian College of the Arts
Website http://amiebatalibasi.com/blackbird/

still / picture for Blackbird (short Film)
still / picture for Blackbird (short Film)
still / picture for Blackbird (short Film)


BLACKBIRD tells the story of young Solomon Islander, Kiko, who was kidnapped from his island home to work on a sugar cane plantation in Queensland, Australia in the late 1800s. Under the watchful eye of his older sister Rosa, Kiko journeys into adulthood far from his island home. Amidst oppression and severe loss of culture and identity, he must find his will to survive. This narrative short film sheds light on a dark part of Australian history.

Participation in international festivals / awards

Sydney Indie Film Festival, 2017.
St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2017.
14th FIFO International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival, Tahiti, 2017
Maoriland Film Festival, New Zealand, 2017.
imagineNATIVE Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2016.
New Zealand International Film Festival, Auckland, New Zealand, 2016
WINDA Indigenous Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, 2016
Skábmagovat Film Festival, Inari, Finland, 2016
Pasifika Film Fest, Sydney & Brisbane, Australia, 2016.
Wairoa Maori Film Festival, New Zealand, 2016.