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Project information

Talent Kenneth Scicluna
Role of participant Director of Photography
Director Philip Magri
Producer Teodor Reljic, Virginia Monteforte, Gloria Lauri-Lucente
Screenwriter Philip Magri, Teodor Reljic
Status finished

Production details

Running time 8 min
Genre Art
Year of production 2016
Country of Production Malta


As night turns to day, a young man recalls his past relationship with an older man and faces the ultimate test that could help him come-of-age.

still / picture for Daniel


After a night out, a young man wakes up and prepares to go to work. As he is getting ready in the bathroom of his dingy little flat, he hears a disembodied voice calling to him. Ignoring it at first but soon yielding to the command to “talk to me,” the young man strikes up a conversation with this voice – that of an older, former lover. Meandering along the narrow streets of an old town, the two men roam the contours of their failed relationship and the sexual games they played. When dawn breaks and the young man reaches the café where he works, he finds the older man waiting for him. Will he be brave enough to answer the final question that is posed to him?


ManJes Camilleri
VoiceTeodor Reljic
Young ManAndré Agius


Sound DesignerCharlo Pisani
Art DirectorAaron Abela
EditorKevin Kiomall