Land Of The Breasted Woman

Short Film Station 2017

Project information

Talent Natasha Mendonca
Role of participant Director
Director Natasha Mendonca
Producer Suman Sridhar, Natasha Mendonca
Screenwriter Suman Sridhar
Status in development

Production details

Running time 30 min
Genre Documentary (Hybrid)
Year of production 2018
Country of Production India
Production Company
Transient Films


Land of the Breasted Woman is a film on caste oppression and gender activism set in South India juxtaposing the lives of two characters across time and space.

still / picture for Land Of The Breasted Woman


Mulachiparambu // Land of the Breasted Woman is a film on caste oppression, the state and gender activism. Set in South India, it juxtaposes the lives of two characters. The first is the historical tale of Nangeli, a lower caste woman who chopped off her breasts in rebellion against the breast tax law that enforced lower caste women to pay a tax in order to cover their breasts in public.
The second character, Som is a working class transgender activist. The film documents Som’s journey negotiating identities of caste, sexuality, class and gender. The film is a deliberate experiment in anachronism – a tracing across time of the politics of caste and the body, the embodiment of gender, and the risks and legacy of dissent against the hetero-patriarchal state.