Short Film Station 2017

Project information

Talent Tony Radevski
Role of participant Director/Writer
Director Tony Radevski
Screenwriter Tony Radevski
Status in development

Production details

Running time 10 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2017
Country of Production Australia
Production Company
Runtime Pictures


Sean, 15, and his friends make money collecting the bloodied 'fallen', but unlike his friends, and what seems like the rest of the world, he has a conscience.

still / picture for Risen
still / picture for Risen


Sean (16) and his friends spot a floating RIZE user (a ‘fallen’) and wait for him to drop from the sky.

Sean is uneasy and unfamiliar with this common pursuit and with alpha, Lusi (18). She is sympathetic to learn that soft-natured Sean has recently become parentless.

Lusi’s pity for Sean is fleeting, as he makes an innocent misstep and loses the freshly-acquired body.

Desperate, Sean is presented an opportunity for redemption. A floating fallen in a train tunnel provides him the chance to prove his commitment to Lusi, but at the expense of the fallen's life and his own morality.