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As Always With Love

Project information

Talent Nancy Brandt
Role of participant Director
Director Nancy Brandt, Helen Simon
Status finished

Production details

Running time 68 min
Genre Documentary
Year of production 2010
Country of Production Germany
Production Company
University of Television and Film Munich
Website http://www.wieimmerherzlichegruesse.de

still / picture for As Always With Love


We've heard that history throws its empty bottles out the window. What if all
these bottles were to be collected? What stories would they have to tell? About
us. About history.
1962-1989: Karl-Heinz lives in the GDR. He writes letters to his friend
Gerhard inWest Germany. Over 30 years of correspondence tells the story of
the separation of a country.
2007:We are on a journey. In search of what has become of the separation of
Germany east and west. We meet people along the former border. People
from both sides tell us of their pasts and yearnings for the future. Along with us
we have the letters from Karl-Heinz. In the end we'll hit on new borders.
Bottles thrown out the window? It’s time to to pick them up. “As always with
love”, an essay film and road movie.

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