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Prologue To The Great Desaparecido

Project information

Talent Bianca Balbuena
Role of participant Producer
Director Lav Diaz
Producer Bianca Balbuena
Screenwriter Lav Diaz
Status finished

Production details

Running time 38 min
Genre Drama
Budget in Euro 4700
Countries of Production Philippines , France
Production Companies
Dissidenz Films

still / picture for Prologue To The Great Desaparecido


Prologue To The Great Desaparecido is an introduction to Lav Diaz's epic masterpiece, The Great Desaparecido.

It tells the story of a widow looking for the lost body of his dead husband, Andres Bonifacio. He is the father of Philippine Revolution.




Name Bich-Quan Tran
Company Dissidenz Films
E-mail bqt@dissidenzfilms.com
Country FRANCE