One Thousand

Talent Project Market 2015

Project information

Talent Guillaume de la Boulaye
Role of participant Producer
Director Lawrence Fajardo
Producer Lawrence Fajardo (Pelikulaw, Philippines), Guillaume de la Boulaye (Zorba Productionm France)
Screenwriter John Bedia, Zigcarlo Dulay, Lawrence Fajardo
Status in development

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Comedy
Budget in Euro 848 323€
Year of production 2016
Countries of Production Philippines , France
Production Companies
Zorba Production


A multinational soft drink company launches a promotional campaign in which the holder of the bottle cap with the winning number will be awarded 1 million pesos. Due to a glitch in the system, several thousand winners from all over the Philippines claim the prize money.

still / picture for One Thousand


“Number Fever” is a promotional campaign launched by a multinational corporation, Ice Tea Cola. The holder of the bottle cap with the winning number will be awarded the grand prize of 1 million pesos. A number is drawn every Saturday, at 6 o’clock in the evening. The whole of the Philippines is at fever pitch, in anticipation of someone having the winning number.

Every household tunes in to the live weekly draw. Among the viewers are Moymoy and his grandfather Pidong; Nick, a former vice mayor; and the lovers Rashid and Alika. All of them need the money to get them out of a dire situation. Pidong is sick and worries about the welfare of his young grandson. Nick wants to jump-start his fallen political career, and Rashid needs a way to buy back Alika’s dowry, because she is about to be married to a much older man.
The winning number turns out to be 1521, thousands of people, including Moymoy, Nick and Rashid, have a winning bottle cap. In an instant, the promise of the fulfilment of their dream is at hand. Each of them tries to claim the prize money, but when the hordes of winners flock to Ice Tea Cola’s office, their aspirations are crushed. The company announces that there has been an error, a system glitch.

As chaos ensues, all of the characters struggle with the repercussions of their actions and with the company in the end only giving each winner a measly 1.000