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Habi, La Extranjera (habi, The Foreigner)

Project information

Talent Matías Mosteirín
Role of participant Producer
Director María Florencia Álvarez
Producer Paula Zyngierman, Matías Mosteirín, María Carlota Bruno, Andrade Ramos Mauricio
Screenwriter María Florencia Álvarez
Status finished

Production details

Running time 92 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2013
Countries of Production Argentina , Brazil

still / picture for Habi, La Extranjera (habi, The Foreigner)
still / picture for Habi, La Extranjera (habi, The Foreigner)


Analía’s mother sends her to Buenos Aires to deliver some handicrafts. She is expected to return home quickly to the country town where she is to take on her family’s hairdressing salon. But by chance an address mix-up leads her to a Muslim community where she finds herself taking part in a ritual completely unknown to her. She is given several objects which seem to harbour a mysterious message: these include a tunic, a map and a recipe in Farsi. Enthralled by the new world she has entered, Analía decides on the spur of the moment to take on another identity. She rents a room nearby and, coming across the name ‘Habiba Rafat’ in the personal ads one day, chooses this as her new name. She decides to learn how to speak this strange language, pray like a Muslim, find a job and make new friends. She is determined to find out what it means to be somebody else.