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Daqqet Ix-xita (plangent Rain)

Project information

Talent Kenneth Scicluna
Role of participant Director, Writer
Director Kenneth Scicluna
Producer Neville Bone, Roderick Muscat Monsigneur
Screenwriter Kenneth Scicluna, adapted from Shakespeare's Hamlet
Status finished

Production details

Running time 15 min
Genre Horror / Supernatural
Year of production 2010
Country of Production Malta
Production Company
Lighthouse & Ashley Films (Lighthouse Group)
Website http://www.stradastretta.com

still / picture for Daqqet Ix-xita (plangent Rain)
still / picture for Daqqet Ix-xita (plangent Rain)
still / picture for Daqqet Ix-xita (plangent Rain)


A boy is torn between his natural ineptitude and the need to break away from the clutches of his bleak environment. The son of a sailor, the boy lives a mockery of his father's life, rowing a rotting boat across an ancient harbour.

The film explores the moment the boy's frustration with his life, and with having to put up with the enseamed union between overbearing mother and weaselly uncle, boils over.

Steeped in a dark, liquefied decrepitude, the film is inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet.


Name Kenneth Scicluna
Company Lighthouse Group
E-mail film@lighthouse.com.mt
Phone +356 79452420
Country MALTA