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Shouting When The Planes Go By

Project information

Talent Kenneth Scicluna
Role of participant Co-Director, DP
Director Marie Briguglio & Kenneth Scicluna
Producer PJ Vassallo, Martina Haubrich, Søren Schumann, Christian Popp
Screenwriter Marie Briguglio
Status finished

Production details

Running time 25 min
Genre Creative Documentary
Year of production 2004
Countries of Production Germany , Malta
Production Company
Looks Film & TV, RBB, Arte, Where's Everybody

still / picture for Shouting When The Planes Go By


Malta's birth as a nation is celebrated on three distinct national holidays, each with its own commemorative monument. Three protagonists - Alfred, Emma, Charles - describe these events, the meaning of the monuments, their take on history, and the future. Meanwhile, three old and feisty musicians try to make sense of it all.