Art to Live in: Hang Out with ruangrupa

Archived event Berlin 2020
Time / Location
Feb 26th 2020 / HAU2
Mirwan Andan moderated by Pola Hahn
Admission with ticket only: Talents, industry, general public | learn more
© Jin Panji
Jakarta-based collective ruangrupa turns the HAU into a space to hang out. In an invitation to unstructured exchange, the collective behind the curation of the upcoming documenta fifteen, ruangrupa places this gathering with guests under the sign of Koperasi, a word not unlike “cooperation”. For the last 20 years, the ten artists, journalists and researchers that make up the Indonesian group have had a desire to dialogue with locals. This lies at the core of their particular methodology: art is then not the product of thematic concerns but something lived in. Join them for a foretaste of the reorientation of cultural values to take place in one of the world's most important art institutions in 2022.

Jin Panji

Mirwan Andan

Mirwan Andan studied Islamic studies at a boarding school in Watampone, French literature at the Hasanuddin University (Makassar) and comparative politics at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. He acted as an advisor and researcher for the Jakarta Biennale 2015. He is a researcher and developer at ruangrupa, where he took part in curating SONSBEEK ’16: transACTION in Arnhem, Netherlands. He is part of the artistic direction for the upcoming documenta 15 in Kassel, Germany.

Pola Hahn

While earning her degree in Cultural Studies and Political Science in Tübingen, Buenos Aires and Berlin, Pola Hahn began working for the Spanish and Latin American film festival CINELATINO in Southern Germany in 2010; two years later she became Festival Coordinator. After writing her thesis on the representation of migration in Latin American documentaries, she joined the women’s rights film festival Women’s Worlds and joined the Berlinale Talents team in 2016.