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Berlinale Talents 2016

No Time to Remember: Films on the Move

with Khaled Abdulwahed, Jamil Jalla, Avo Kaprielian, Rasha Salti, Philip Scheffner

The phrase “on the move” suggests not only the filmic dramatization of flight, deportation, new beginnings – but also the political dimensions of migration: how are social and cultural relations affected, and what social structures and horizons…

Mysterious Nature

with Denis Côté, Christoph Gröner

Exploding onto the scene a decade ago with his Locarno-winning film Drifting States, director Denis Côté has returned almost yearly with his genre-bending films to the A-list festival circuit to wow and unsettle audiences, critics and juries alike.…

Connected Stories: Audiences Inside Out

with Gabo Arora, Jessica Brillhart, Michel Reilhac, Liz Rosenthal, Maria Laura Ruggiero, Dan Schoenbrun


Dan Schoenbrun, Maria Laura Ruggiero
As digital and connected media drive an abundance of content and ever-evolving formats and platforms, understanding and en…

Connected Stories: Audiences Inside Out

with Gabo Arora, Jessica Brillhart, Michel Reilhac, Liz Rosenthal, Maria Laura Ruggiero, Dan Schoenbrun

Gabo Arora, Jessica Brillhart, Michel Reilhac
Leading cross-media and virtual reality experts share their vision of the future of immersive storytelling both…

The Survival Guide to Digital Workflows

with Roy Andersson, Dirk Meier, Gergely Pálos, Niko Remus

Both big and small budget-productions struggle to keep up with changing technologies and the multitude of digital workflows. This year’s session takes as a case study Roy Andersson’s 2014 Venice Golden Lion winner A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflect…

The Director Must Not Be Credited: Collectives

with Thomas Oberender, Thomas Vinterberg

As a co-founder of the Dogme 95 movement, Thomas Vinterberg helped draft the revolutionary manifesto's rule #9, which states that the director must not be mentioned in the credits. The Danish filmmaker has since continued to awe audiences with his st…

Looking Ahead: Meet Your Future Audience

with Paul Tyler

To "think of your audience" from the beginning of project development is one of the advices filmmakers often hear. But how can we actually get to know those audiences before they show up in the cinema? Paul Tyler, inventor of the "Handling Ideas" met…

In Reference to: Visual Essays

with Kogonada , Oliver Baumgarten, Kevin B. Lee

Recent years have seen the increased popularity of short online videos that explore films or the œuvre of a director by reworking and commenting on shots and scenes to reveal new insights. These visual essays – produced by everybody from fans to f…

Between the Lines: Love Letters to Film

with Sandro Aguilar, Ivo M. Ferreira, Ben Gibson, Nuno Mello, Miguel Nunes, João Ribeiro, Margarida Vila-Nova

"The space between someone writing a letter and someone reading it eventually gives birth to a sort of intermediate character", describes Portuguese director Ivo M. Ferreira the deeper narrative structure of his movie Cartas da Guerra. Certainly a mu…

Floating Shapes: How to Give Stories the Right Flow

with Jakob Kirstein Høgel, Steve Matthews, Molly M. Stensgaard

The wide format of drama series offers space to create worlds and send characters and audience on the long roads to love or perdition. But the greater number of possibilities enjoyed by the creative team, the more important it becomes to define a cle…

More Than Honey: The Many Dimensions of Film Funding

with Henning Kamm, Malika Rabahallah, Ben Roberts, Katriel Schory, Jorge Sánchez

The relation between filmmakers and film funds has more dimensions than just the pure business deal between the party granting financial support and the fund recipient trying to get a film made. As creative partners in the filmmaking process, funders…

What Only Shorts Can Do

with Maike Mia Höhne, Jukka-Pekka Laakso, Kathleen McInnis

The short film as a genre is alive and well - having enjoyed greater prominence and a resurgence in recent times. The format lends itself to expressive freedom and aesthetic exploration unbound by the often more traditional expectations of feature-le…

Take a Long Look: The Cinematography of Game of Thrones

with Jonathan Freeman, Matthijs Wouter Knol, Fabian Wagner

Since 2011, Game of Thrones has attracted millions of fans and gathered more than 3,000 entries in the cast & crew list on IMDb. Big-production drama series depend a lot on the principles of interconnected thinking and collaborative working amongst l…

Kill Your Darlings

with Susan Korda

“Good editing is like good sex,” exclaims editor and director Susan Korda (Salomea’s Nose). “You create an expectation in your audience – and then you fulfil it.” Tracing finished film scenes from Bonnie & Clyde and Jaws back to the initi…

Blank Page Stories

with Kathi Bildhauer, Fernando Eimbcke, Ella Manzheeva

A film is often conceived with a good idea, the embryo of a story and a rather basic set of imagined visuals, sounds and scenes. But how can this nucleus of a project evolve genetically into something that shapes the characters and lays the foundatio…

Moving Pictures: A Journey in Film Stills

with Peter Cowie, Brigitte Lacombe

French photographer Brigitte Lacombe knows her way around a film set. Working as a photographer since 1975, Lacombe has documented productions by Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Spike Jonze, David Mamet, Michael Ha…

Animated Gifts: Welcome to Cartoon Saloon

with Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart, Florian Weghorn

Director, illustrator and animator Tomm Moore has enchanted audiences of all ages with his Oscar-nominated feature films The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea. He was recently honored with the European Film Award. A co-founder of Kilkenny-based stu…

Berlinale Hommage: Michael Ballhaus Meets Jim Rakete

with Michael Ballhaus, Jim Rakete

Recipient of an Honorary Golden Bear for lifetime achievement, and subject of this year’s Berlinale Homage, Michael Ballhaus is one of the world’s most important directors of photography. Before spending 25 years working primarily in the USA, Bal…

The Friendly Turn

with Michel Franco, Paz Lázaro, Gabriel Ripstein

We all love a good behind-the-scenes filmmaking “bromance”, especially when the collaborating friends complement each other as perfectly as Gabriel and Michel. Representatives of the hot new generation of Mexican cinema, they collaborate on each …

Talents Teddy Talk: The Finally New Queer Cinema?

with Toby Ashraf, Sara Jordenö, Händl Klaus, Bruce LaBruce, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Christine Vachon

Since its inauguration in 1987, the Teddy Award has made the Berlinale a home for queer cinema. It stands for the recognition of the many facets of a cinema that resists sexual stereotypes and any kind of heteronormativity. To celebrate the Teddy’s…

In the Nest: Drama Series Made by Talents

with Jessica Luz, Filipe Matzembacher, Germano de Oliveira, Marcio Reolon, Florian Weghorn

Brazilian co-directors Filipe Matzembacher (BT 2016) and Marcio Reolon (Talents Buenos Aires 2014) charmed Berlinale audiences last year with their first feature film Seashore, which premiered in the Forum section. Their newest work, The Nest, is a m…

Natural Tones: The Music of The Revenant

with Milena Fessmann, Carsten Nicolai

In his sound-driven work, Berlin-based artist and composer Carsten Nicolai seeks to overcome a separation of art forms and genres, looking for symbioses between disciplines. Influenced by scientific reference systems, Nicolai often engages mathematic…

To the Dark Side: Investigative Documentary

with Alex Gibney, Dorothee Wenner

Alex Gibney, the Oscar-winning documentary director (Taxi to the Dark Side), has never shied away from a cover-up or a controversy. Known for tackling unsavory subjects obscured by power and corruption and shedding light on uncomfortable truths throu…