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Berlinale Talents 2009

Suddenly, It All Happened - Turning Points in Scriptwriting

with Anne Carey, Peter Cowie, Sir David Hare, Daniela Thomas

Writing a novel screenplay is an adventurous journey, a process that begins with your imagination and ends with a story structure and script. What takes place in between embodies the art and craft of scriptwriting.

This is the phase when you …

Dealing With Reality

with Hala Galal, Matthijs Wouter Knol, Michèle Ohayon, Anders Ostergaard

Sifting the world through your camera and hopefully bringing out representations of reality, including emotional, physical and factual reality, requires exceptional filmmaking skills. An innate curiosity combined with the resolve to seek the reality …

In the Limelight: Bertrand Tavernier

with Peter Cowie, Bertrand Tavernier

One of France‘s first rank directors, screenwriters, and producers, Bertrand Tavernier’s association with the world of cinema has been long and varied. He evolved from an ardent film enthusiast and critic, press agent to ultimately become a promi…

Christian Goldbeck: The Language of Spaces and Things

with Ben Gibson, Christian Goldbeck

Production Design master class with Christian Goldbeck.

Fatal Attractions - On Change and Accidents in Cinema

with Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, Arta Dobroshi, Sunil Doshi, Raphaël Nadjari, Dorothee Wenner

In cooperation with Berlinale Forum and Berlinale Shorts.

Chance, destiny, fate, karma or kismet: call it what you like, but each represents that single minute thing that we least control but desperately wish for when reality turns sour. Fi…

In the Limelight: Tilda Swinton

with Peter Cowie, Tilda Swinton

Her film debut in Caravaggio in 1986 was the first of seven critically acclaimed collaborations with director Derek Jarman over a period of ten years. The fiercely talented Scottish actress, Tilda Swinton began her career as a leading lady of Europea…

Dreaming Reality

with Emily Atef, Andreas Dresen, Jörg Taszman, Wim Wenders

When it comes to portraying life upfront, with all its dreams, disappointments, daily struggles and sudden surprises until the very last moment, German cinema features diverse filmmakers who have their own strong personal styles specific to their fil…

Janusz Kaminski: Anatomy of the Shot

with Peter Cowie, Janusz Kaminski

Camera master class. In cooperation with Robert Bosch Stiftung.

One of the most highly regarded cinematographers today, he is adept at using experimental techniques to create highly specialised concepts in his photography. The haunting and …

Provoking Cinema: Films that Marked Me Forever

with Patricio Guzmán, Jasmila Zbanic

In cooperation with Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Every once in a while, we come across a significant historical and socio-political film that influences our historical consciousness and shapes our perceptions of past events. Many people learn wha…

Imagining Istanbul

with Reha Erdem, Lloyd Phillips, Martina Priessner, Yeşim Ustaoglu

In cooperation with Alfred Herrhausen Society, Berlinale Competition and Berlinale Forum.

As the natural connecting point between the Orient and the Occident and situated at the easternmost point of the West and westernmost point of the Eas…

Switching Roles: Multi-Talents in Film

with Ben Gibson, Christoph Honoré, Rie Rasmussen, Til Schweiger

In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama.

The accomplished experts on this panel, their versatility matched only by their ambition, who shifted from one stream of filmmaking to another, narrate first hand experiences and the trying times that…

Telling Stories with a Score

with Peter Cowie, Max Richter

In cooperation with Volkswagen.

Sometimes the simplest tune can unlock so much more than anything else in a picture. Music is vital to the film plot, adding a third facet to the images and words. As film and music composer Max Richter puts …

In the Limelight: Tom Tykwer

with Ben Gibson, Tom Tykwer

A celebrated international filmmaking professional with vast experience will talk about his entry into the world of filmmaking and the central moments in his rich and varied career in films. You will be sure to benefit from the experience of this wel…

Experiments in Facts and Fiction: The Work of Sharon Lockhart

with Anselm Franke, Sharon Lockhart, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus

In cooperation with Berlinale Forum expanded.

Over the last 15 years Sharon Lockhart has made films and photographs that frame the quiet moments of everyday life while exploring the subtle relationship between the two mediums. Much of her p…