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Berlinale Talents 2006

Peter Kubelka: The Edible Metaphor

with Peter Kubelka

In the view of legendary Austrian avantgarde filmmaker and art philosopher Peter Kubelka, everybody who makes films should also cook. For Peter Kubelka cooking is performing art, and a meal is the ancestral sculpture of mankind – cooking is the or…

Meet the Cutting Crew

with Jim Clark, Dirk Grau, Sabine Krayenbühl, Angie Lam, Larry Sider

“The Cutting Crew“ is an in-depth discussion about the essence of cinema – editing – and the role of the editor in the filmmaking process. A panel of editors who have worked on films ranging from Hong Kong Kung-Fu to feature documentaries debate …

Art as Moral Action

with Peter Sellars

The self-conception of artists changes with the development and the justification of society. The global community of the 21st century is affected by complex influences and has ended up in a diffuse “Distraction Culture“, as Peter Sellars put it. …

Here's Looking at You, Kid

with Christopher Doyle, Anthony Dod Mantle

Today two directors of photography whose visual art has given new shining facets to World Cinema will take the stage. Christopher Doyle‘s vivacious and dynamic camera work is still deeply influencing New Asian Cinema following the films he has done …

Passion Food

with Davia Nelson, Sandra Nettelbeck, Alice Waters

Sandra Nettelbeck’s internationally acclaimed and very successful film MOSTLY MARTHA tells the story of a discontented chef whose passion for cooking helps her reappreciate life when an Italian colleague starts working at her restaurant. In today…

The Case For Taste

with Michael Ballhaus, Stefan Elfenbein, Carlo Petrini, Juan Pittaluga

Region against globe, farmers against industry, tradition against modernity: these are the opposed characters of a contemporary drama. In the documentary MONDOVINO, director Jonathan Nossiter examines the impact of globalisation on the world's diff…

Stand Up! Stand Up!

with Amos Gitai, Éliane de Latour, Jean-Marie Teno, Rainer Traube, Dito Tsintzadze

Political filmmaking and commercial success: two elements that don‘t seem to go side by side. But on the other hand there are enough examples to prove that political motivated films don‘t necessarily have a small audience. Four acclaimed directors…

Making Of: Sience of Sleep

Screening, followed by a Q&A with Michel Gondry

Drawing Restraint 9

with Matthew Barney, Wieland Speck

DRAWING RESTRAINT 9 is part of an 18-year-long continuous project by conceptional artist Matthew Barney. Its different works, consisting of videos, installations and performances were inspired by the idea that resistance makes muscles larger and str…

Colour Me Kieslowski

with Peter Cowie, Agnieszka Holland, Tom Tykwer, Andres Veiel

Almost ten years ago, the brilliant Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski passed away, leaving a legacy of extraordinary richness. For many, Kieslowski represents the summit of European filmmaking, at first in his native Poland (THE TEN COMMANDMENTS)…


with Martina Gedeck, Sandy Lieberson, Fred Roos

Legendary casting director, producer and 2006 Berlinale Jury Member Fred Roos has been involved in casting and producing some of Hollywood’s finest films, including AMERICAN GRAFFITI, THE GODFATHER, TWO LANE BLACKTOP, FIVE EASY PIECES,THE OUTSIDERS…

Hitting the Right Note: Stephen Warbeck Live on Stage

with Stephen Warbeck

Stephen Warbeck’s ability to write scores across a multitude of genres, as well as his musical proficiency with a variety of instruments make him a true jack of all trades in the music world. The Oscar winning film composer joins this year’s campus…

Stardust Memories

with Charlotte Rampling