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Eight Alumni Titles on Foreign Film Oscar Longlist

Oct 7, 2018

Of the 87 films submitted as their countries’ official Oscar entries, eight are by Berlinale Talents alumni. Our Latin American alums are well represented in the selection, with films from Columbia, Panama, Paraguay and Venezuela.

We’re particularly proud of the three titles that were selected for our Talent Project Market, which gives producers a chance to present their material to financiers and co-producers: „The Cakemaker“ from Israel (TPM 2014), „Secret Ingredient“ from Macedonia (TPM 2015) and Venezuela’s „The Family“ (TPM 2014).

The Oscar nominations will be announced in January 2019. Until then, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed. Congratulations to everyone on the longlist!

COLOMBIA: “Birds of Passage” – co-writer Jacques Toulemonde (BT 2011), producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008), co-producer Sandino Saravia Vinay (BT 2004)

ISRAEL: “The Cakemaker” – writer, director, co-producer Ofir Raul Graizer (BT 2014), cinematographer Omri Aloni (BT 2011) — selected for Talent Project Market 2014

LUXEMBOURG: “Gutland” – writer, director, producer Govinda Van Maele (BT 2008), cinematographer Narayan Van Maele (BT 2009)

MACEDONIA: “Secret Ingredient” – writer, director, producer Gjorce Stavreski (BT 2007), co-producer Konstantina Stavrianou (BT 2014) — selected for Talent Project Market 2015

PANAMA: “Ruben Blades Is Not My Name” – writer, director, producer Abner Benaim (BT 2015), producer Gema Juarez Allen (BT 2015), editor Felipe Guerrero (BT 2004)

PARAGUAY: “The Heiresses” – writer, director, producer Marcelo Martinessi (BT 2014), co-producer Julia Murat (BT 2014) — supported by the World Cinema Fund

UNITED KINGDOM: “I Am Not a Witch” – writer, director Rungano Nyoni (BT 2010), producer Emily Morgan (BT 2013) — supported by the World Cinema Fund

VENEZUELA: “The Family” – writer, director, producer, co-editor Gustavo Rondon Cordova (BT 2007 & 2014) — selected for Talent Project Market 2014

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