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Countless Alumni Titles Selected for Sundance 2018

Jan 12, 2018
Still from THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER courtesy of the Sundance Institute
Still from THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER courtesy of the Sundance Institute

A huge Berlinale Talents alumni contingent is set to impress in Park City, Utah. The Sundance Film Festival kicks off on January 18, and the line-up includes almost too many fine alumni contributions to keep track of. We’re rooting for all of them! Feast your eyes upon all of these titles and click on each filmmaker to explore their Berlinale Talents online profile.

U.S. Dramatic Competition

“American Animals,” produced by Derrin Schlesinger (BT 2004)

“Monsters and Men,” written and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green (BT 2016)

“Nancy,” written and directed by Christina Choe (BT 2012), produced by Amy Lo (BT 2009), executive produced by Mynette Louie (BT 2010)

“The Miseducation of Cameron Post,” produced by Olivier Kaempfer (BT 2009), co-written and produced by Cecilia Frugiuele (BT 2013)

“The Kindergarten Teacher,” written and directed by Sara Colangelo (BT 2010)

“The Tale,” produced by Sol Bondy (BT 2016) and Mynette Louie (BT 2010)

“Wildlife,” cinematography by Diego Garcia (BT 2014)

U.S. Documentary Competition

“On Her Shoulders,” executive produced by Alison Klayman (BT 2014)

“The Last Race,” music by Roger Goula (BT 2011)

World Cinema Dramatic Competition

“And Breathe Normally,” line produced by Eva Sigurdardottir (BT 2017), cinematography by Ita Zbroniec-Zajt (BT 2010)

“Un Traductor,” directed and produced by Sebastian Barriuso (BT 2014)

“The Queen of Fear,” produced by Benjamin Domenech (BT 2010)

World Cinema Documentary Competition

“Anote20s Ark,” produced by Bob Moore (BT 2016)

“A Woman Captured,” written, directed, cinematography and edited by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter (BT 2012), produced by Erik Winker (BT 2003)

“Of Fathers and Sons,” directed by Talal Derki (BT 2005)


“Damsel,” co-written, co-directed, co-starring and co-produced by David Zellner (BT 2006), together with his brother Nathan Zellner


“Beast,” written and directed by Michael Pearce (BT 2015)

“I Am Not a Witch,” written and directed by Rungano Nyoni (BT 2010), produced by Emily Morgan (BT 2013)

“The Rider,” produced by Mollye Asher (BT 2017)


“Madeline’s Madeline,” production design by Charlotte Royer (BT 2017)

“Night Comes On,” written, directed and executive produced by Jordana Spiro (BT 2007), produced by Alvaro Riccardo Valente (BT 2013), cinematography by Hatuey Viveros Lavielle (BT 2018)

“Skate Kitchen,” written by Aslihan Unaldi (BT 2010), produced by Julia Nottingham (BT 2015)


“Assassination Nation,” cinematography by Marcell Rév (BT 2011)

“Never Goin’ Back,” produced by David Lowery (BT 2005)


“Manivald,” written, directed, starring and produced by Chintis Lundgren (BT 2016)

“Deer Boy,” written and directed by Katarzyna Gondek (BT 2016), sound mixing by Katarzyna Szczerba (BT 2017)

“Thursday Night,” edited by Ricardo Saraiva (BT 2015), sound editing by Ania Przygoda (BT 2015)

“Hedgehog’s Home,” produced by Vanja Andrijevic (BT 2004)

“Aria,” written and directed by Myrsini Aristidou (BT 2017), edited by Amine Berrada (BT 2014)

“Would You Look at Her,” written and directed by Goran Stolevski (BT 2017)

“Fry-Up,” music composed by Patrick Jonsson (BT 2009)

“Swamp,” produced by Jose Manuel Duque López (BT 2016) and Alexander Arbelaez Osorio (BT 2018)

“The Turk Shop,” produced by Siri Hjorton Wagner (BT 2018)

“Volte,” directed, edited and cinematography by Monika Kotecka (BT 2008)

“High & Mighty,” cinematography by Martim Vian (BT 2006)

Full Sundance line-up available here