The awards season is already in full swing, and seven films by nine former Talents have made it onto the shortlists in consideration for this year’s Oscars. The selected titles reflect a broad array of genres, formats and countries. The final nominations will be announced on January 22, with the award ceremony taking place on February 24, 2019.

Our producing alumni have been especially prolific this year, often working across several countries. Anna Wydra (Berlinale Talents 2012) produced the Polish doc “Communion,” which is in the running for Best Documentary, as well as Kazakhstan’s entry for Best Foreign Film, “Ayka.” Similarly, Sandino Saravia Vinay (Berlinale Talents 2004) was involved in the production of Colombia’s entry, “Birds of Passage,” and of Mexico’s contribution, “Roma.”

Congratulations to everyone who made the cut!

Documentary Feature

“Communion” - producer Anna Wydra (BT 2012)
“Of Fathers and Sons” - director Talal Derki (BT 2005)
“On Her Shoulders” - executive producer Alison Klayman (BT 2014)

Best Foreign Language Film

Kazakhstan: “Ayka” - producer Anna Wydra (BT 2012)
Mexico: “Roma” - associate producer Sandino Saravia Vinay (BT 2004)
Colombia: “Birds of Passage” – co-writer Jacques Toulemonde (BT 2011), producer Katrin Pors (BT 2008), co-producer Sandino Saravia Vinay (BT 2004)

Live Action Short Film

“Skin” - co-writer and director Guy Nattiv (BT 2003)

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