We’re thrilled to see that Berlinale Talents alumni films make up one third of all submissions for the newly renamed Best International Feature Film category at the 92nd Academy Awards. Out of the 93 films submitted, 26 were made with the involvement of 38 alums.

This record number of international Oscar submissions will be narrowed down to a shortlist of 10 films, to be published on December 16. The final nominations in all categories will be announced on January 13, 2020, with the awards taking place on February 9, 2020.

The alumni entries from 26 countries hail from Argentina to Slovenia. Especially notable is Germany’s “System Crasher,” which writer-director Nora Fingscheidt brought to our Script Station in 2017 and won a Kompagnon Fellowship to develop. The finished film went on to receive the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize at the 2019 Berlinale earlier this year. Read our interview with Nora here.

Several other films on the Oscar longlist screened at the Berlinale, including Australia’s “Buoyancy” (Panorama 2019), Colombia’s “Monos” (Panorama 2019), Costa Rica’s “The Awakening of the Ants” (Forum 2019), India’s “Gully Boy” (Special 2019) and Peru’s “Retablo” (Generation 2018).

Many congratulations to all of our alums on the list. We’re incredibly proud of your achievements!

Argentina: “Heroic Losers,” Matías Mosteirín (producer, BT 2004)

Australia: “Buoyancy,” Rodd Rathjen (writer, director, BT 2014), Kristina Ceyton (producer, BT 2011) & Michael Latham (cinematographer, BT 2012)
Berlinale Panorama 2019

Bangladesh: “Alpha,” Alokananda Dasgupta (composer, BT 2016)

Belgium: “Our Mothers,” Augusto Cesar Diaz (writer, director, BT 2011) & Armando Espitia (actor, BT 2017)

Bolivia: “I Miss You,” Rodrigo Bellott (writer, director, producer, BT 2004) & Alvaro R. Valente (co-producer, BT 2013)

Colombia: “Monos,” Alexis Dos Santos (writer, BT 2004), Katrin Pors (co-producer, BT 2008) & Derk-Jan Warrink (co-producer, BT 2011)
Berlinale Panorama 2019

Costa Rica: “The Awakening of the Ants,” Amaya Izquierdo (producer, BT 2015) and José Esteban Alenda (co-producer, BT 2007)
Berlinale Forum 2019

Ecuador: “The Longest Night,” Griselda Jordana (cinematographer, BT 2004)

Egypt: “Poisonous Roses,” Thomas Micoulet (producer, BT 2015)

Georgia: “Shindisi,” Vladimer Katcharava (producer, BT 2010) & Teo Baramidze (production designer, BT 2017)

Germany: “Systemsprenger,” Nora Fingscheidt (writer, director, BT 2017) & Jonas Weydemann (producer, BT 2013)
— developed at Berlinale Talents Script Station 2017, premiered in Berlinale Competition 2019

Iceland: “A White, White Day,” Anton Máni Svansson (producer, BT 2012) & Katrin Pors (co-producer, BT 2008)

India: “Gully Boy,” Nitin Baid (editor, BT 2009)
Berlinale Special 2019

Iran: “Finding Farideh,” Mohammad Hadadi (cinematographer, BT 2017) and Hassan Shabankareh (sound recordist, BT 2012)

Israel: “Incitement,” Shira Arad (editor, BT 2013)

Kenya: “Subira,” Roselidah Obala (editor, BT 2016)

Luxembourg: “Tel Aviv on Fire,” Sameh Zoabi (director, BT 2004) & Bernard Michaux (producer, BT 2007)

Mexico: “The Chambermaid,” Gabriela Cartol (actress, BT 2019), Omar Guzmán (editor, BT 2007)

Nigeria: “Lionheart,” Yinka Edward (editor, BT 2013)

Panama: “Everybody Changes,” Pablo Borghi (music, BT 2011)

Peru: “Retablo,” Eric Williams (editor, BT 2006)
Berlinale Generation 2018

Uruguay: “The Moneychanger,” Fernando Franco García (editor, BT 2015)

Saudi Arabia: “The Perfect Candidate,” Haifaa Al-Mansour (writer, director, producer, BT 2009)

Sweden: “And Then We Danced,” Teo Baramidze (production design, BT 2017)

Singapore: “A Land Imagined,” Fran Borgia (producer, BT 2014)

Slovenia: “History of Love,” Sonja Prosenc (writer, director, producer, BT 2009), & Mitja Ličen (cinematographer, BT 2016)