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Tickets for Public Events

Ticket Price

€13,00 single ticket

Advance ticket sales

The advance ticket sales for all public talks and films of Berlinale Talents start on February 4, daily from 10:00– 20:00 at the Berlinale box offices and online at www.berlinale.de

Same-Day Ticket Sales

Box office at HAU Hebbel am Ufer
February 9 from 19:30–20:30 at HAU1, February 10–14 from 10:30 until the beginning of the last event at HAU1 and HAU2.

Discounts for Same-Day Tickets

A 50% discount for same-day tickets is available for pupils, students, persons in federal volunteer service, disabled people, unemployed people, “Berlin pass” holders and welfare recipients at HAU1 and HAU2 box offices.

Access with:

Festival Accreditation

Tickets for public talks and films of Berlinale Talents are available one day prior to and on the same day at ticket counters reserved for accredited participants. Tickets are free of charge and only valid in combination with an accreditation badge.

Market & Buyers Badge

Access to all public talks and films of Berlinale Talents by queuing at the respective venue with your badge. Admissions are on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability.

Berlinale Talents Participant Accreditation

Tickets for Berlinale Talents events are available one day prior to and on the same day at the Talents ticket counter in HAU2 (1st floor).

Tickets & Access

Baggage information

It is forbidden to take large bags and backpacks into Berlinale venues or areas designated for the festival audience. Bags and backpacks cannot be left in the cloakrooms. For security reasons, the festival reserves the right to check all bags, backpacks and individuals for dangerous objects.

Press Tickets

Journalists wishing to cover Berlinale Talents events will need a press ticket for each individual event, even if they already have Berlinale press accreditation.

For press tickets and interview requests with Berlinale Talents experts and participants, please contact:
E-mail: talents.press@berlinale.de
Tel: +49 (0)30 25920-518

Please note:
Press tickets are limited and must be requested in advance; entry to events is based on availability. Press tickets are only available on the day of the event and can be picked up at the HAU press desks.

Opening times for the press desk at HAU1: February 9 from 4:00 pm, February 10 from 10:30 am and February 11 - 14 from 1:00 pm respectively until the beginning of the last event. Tickets for events at HAU2 and HAU3 can be picked up half an hour before the respective event.


Stresemannstr. 29 | 10963 Berlin
The quintessential theatre, HAU1 can accommodate 500 seated guests and hosts most of Berlinale Talents’ public events. The ticket counter is located in the foyer entrance; the side wings house counters for the press, partners and sponsors.

HAU2 (+ WAU Restaurant)
Hallesches Ufer 32 | 10963 Berlin
With its 199 seats, 1970s architecture and popular café, the HAU2 building is an ideal location for medium-sized talks and workshops. It’s also where the Early Bird Breakfasts take place every morning for the Talents. On the ground floor, the WAU restaurant and café is a relaxed spot to enjoy lunch, coffee or dinner.

Tempelhofer Ufer 10 | 10963 Berlin
The HAU3 theatre can accommodate up to 99 people for smaller public talks. Additional workshop spaces are used for the Project Labs and Studios.