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Der Vulkan

Project information

Talent Kristina Ceyton
Role of participant Script Continuity
Status finished

Production details

Running time 103 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 1999
Countries of Production Germany , France , Switzerland
Production Company
MACT Productions


The crimes of the naziregime are probably one of the greatest treasures directors can find to make a movie from. And of course that's only normal as the greatest crime in human history always can shock people. But the film from this German independent director, Ottokar Runze, is different as the danger from nazi Germany is shown with words and atmospheres (you never see SS-officers with uniforms for instance). This is the story about a German elite (painters, playwriters, novelists) who were brave enough to comment the regime but they soon found out that their country no longer wants to them and so most of them escape to other countries. And that's the sole thing that is left for Marion Von Kammer (a role played by Nina Hoss). She decides to go to some friends in Switzerland but once she's there she witnesses that her old friends are only in favour of Hitler (this was of course before the time most of Hitlers crimes were known). She decides to go to Paris at where some of her artfriends have set up an antifascistic radiostation but once she's there she must see that the antifacist movement is only a matter for the arte-elite. She soon is a part from some artistic soulmates who live in a rather decadent way (drugs, homosexual love). "Der Vulkan" is like some Schlinders List for the arty people, there is a lot of poetry in the movie, too many musical interludes (Nina Hoss' performances are good but all by all they are about 20 minutes from the whole movie) and it's a bit too cold directed, so cold that the viewer never feels any affection with any of the actors but still worth seeing though.